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Alfonso marina furniture

Where to buy Alfonso marina furniture?

Where to buy Alfonso marina furniture?

The key to continuing to be unique and beautiful is having a strong personality and a keen eye for choosing new line members. The process of choosing and developing a product is quite personal; during this phase, your cultural background, professional experience, and taste affect how you will react to a given piece. When this method is followed consistently, a personality or character that unites all the collection’s items can be found. Instead of restricting ourselves to a certain era or provenance, we want to present exceptional pieces with relaxed elegance, those that demonstrate harmony in design and proportion.

  • Furniture for Alfonso Marina is made by SANYON, a marine furniture manufacturer. The business is in China, and its goods are distributed across the world. 
  • We provide a huge selection of Alfonso marine furniture for your house that is of the highest quality. Finding the ideal piece for your room will be easy with the range of designs available. 
  • We can help you find everything you need, whether it’s a new couch for your living room or a kitchen dining table. There are now certain countries that can make this furniture. They may still be produced in limited quantities in other places. The costliest goods are being imported from China due to labour costs. 
  • However, Poland has manufactured these goods for a far longer period of time than China. For over 15 years, SANYON has been manufacturing exquisite pieces of Alfonso marina furniture. We have a lot of experience in this field and are now creating them in a variety of customizable styles. 
  • We export a significant portion of our items through showrooms largely targeted at the design trade. We have a facility that can produce more than 20,000 pieces of furniture.
  • The ornamental fittings that complete many of the goods are produced in our own workshop using pieces forged from various metals to make fittings that are ideal for various authentic styles with creative freedom.

What services does SANYON provide to customers?

The SANYON firm is in the business of producing higher-quality and low-cost maritime furniture so that our clients may outperform their rivals. We can offer various maritime furniture goods for a wide range of nations. The SANYON has a wooden and metal furniture plant that is adept at controlling cost and quality. We also have a chain for many types of maritime furniture that we don’t make. When our customers need it, we may also provide a sourcing service. For anybody looking for furniture that will last for years to come, our items are ideal. We provide distinctive, high-quality items that will give your house a touch of elegance. Every item is created with the utmost care since our business prides itself on its attention to detail.

  • Consumers First: 

We view situations from the standpoint of our customers. Every step of the way, every time, we make every effort to make doing business with us simple and straightforward.

  • Designed to Last:

We take pleasure in creating furniture that is both stylish and of the highest caliber. That is how we establish connections with the people we help. Utilizing tools, technology, and software that enable us to create any product on demand at any size, we have honed our skills.

  • Sourcing assistance:

When our customers needed it, we offered a sourcing service to assist them in locating the furniture they needed in China. We have a network of furniture suppliers in China, and our clients may examine the quality of our products.

  • Quality assurance:

We have an excellent quality control system and cost management in several furniture fields thanks to our many years of experience working with international furniture companies. With more than 15 years of OEM and ODM experience for these furniture firms, we are a supplier for several major furniture brands. We have strong quality control and can supply furniture made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, HPL, and laminate, as well as a variety of maritime furniture.

  • Quality goods at affordable prices:

Since we are a manufacturer, we can provide our customers with goods of high quality and reasonable pricing. With the help of our equipment, we can make a variety of furniture on demand. Having worked with a variety of materials, including steel, wood, aluminium, honeycomb, etc., we have a lot of expertise in creating unique maritime furniture.

SANYON make customizable furniture on customer demand:

marine table
marine clothe storage and table

Do you see your house having been recently remodelled to include furniture that is stylish, cosy, and of the highest caliber?

  • We design all of our furniture to perfectly match the room, considering the unique style, unconventional layouts, and available floor space.
  • In order to get the greatest outcome, we collaborate closely with the designer, or we take the client’s designs and perform our magic. Not just because you may have it alone, but also since it was constructed with your tastes and design in mind, our furniture is so personalized and one-of-a-kind. 
  • When a product is made specifically for a project, the materials, colours, finishes, and accessories, as well as the overall design and size of the final product, are all up to you. This is advantageous and easy for the client to make a purchase based on his financial capacities by considering the cost of future finished items. 
  • Once you’ve considered all the benefits, you may order furniture based on your own sketches. Although the cost will be greater than the cost of items from a catalogue, it will be the only price that can fully satisfy the client’s requirements. 

Things to consider before buying an item of marine furniture:

Before making a decision to purchase maritime furniture for your application, take into account the following benefits.

  • Resistant to Water and Termites:

The most intriguing and desirable benefit of employing maritime furniture, which is built of a variety of materials, is that it can effectively deal with wetness in contrast to other types of materials, which do not manage wet situations very well. Other materials’ structure and quality make it possible for water to seep into the center of the layers, which will cause them to expand in an unfavourable way. This can cause the plywood to decay and weaken the structure’s structural stability. It is protected from termites by superior quality and strong layer-to-layer adhesion.

  • Smooth Surface Finishing: 

Marine furniture is made from solid veneer wood, which keeps the surface of the materials fine and gives it a good beautiful appearance. Thanks to the marine grade materials’ superior quality, which holds the lamination effectively, the lamination provides it with a smooth surface. After lightly sanding the fine surface with sandpaper, you may polish and add fine paint to it.

  • Sturdy and durable:

Marine furniture is strong and long-lasting because the layers are expertly bonded together. You may choose to utilize the maritime furniture with or without paint and mica, depending on your preferences. Utilizing mica and paint, however, increases durability and is thus advised. Marine furniture made by the Sanyon firm is well recognized to be more reliable and productive. From our website, you may get marine furniture that lasts for many years and keeps its strength even in terrible weather.

  • Strength across the Board: 

When creating maritime furniture, producers cross the initial veneer layer, using a process and design that gives the furniture a higher level of strength. Marine furniture can withstand all types of weather or extreme circumstances since it is made from stacked sheets with a little core gap. Any furniture piece’s strength, texture, and longevity are all improved when it is consistently layered, as is well known. Considering the wide variety of applications in many building industry sectors is crucial. Boats, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, flooring, furniture, and other items are all made with marine furniture since it is so adaptable.


Suppose you want to know where to buy Alfonso marina furniture for your bedroom setting. Your search is fruitful now because you have come to the sanyon website. We provide the best of the best marina furniture according to your request, need and requirements. SANYON most frequently produces Alfonso Marina furniture. In addition to outdoor furniture, we also create a wide variety of inside furniture. Various materials, including wood, metal, and cloth, are used to make the items of our firm. We have built a strong relationship with our customers and prefer their needs and requirements. We provide a vast range of furniture that is ideal for every space on your yacht. We provide very affordable furniture that is of good quality. We provide excellent customer service, and our furniture is of the highest caliber. We also offer a chain for various maritime furnishings that we do not manufacture. When our customers need it, we may also provide a sourcing service.

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