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Overview: What’s a Pullman bed?

What’s a Pullman bed?

A Pullman bed is a foldable bed attached to a wall or other structure. It was developed in 1858 for use by railroads. It is the most often used product and is available in lightweight materials like steel, aluminium, and wood. The usage of this kind of bed in ship cabins is presently widespread. This is fundamental furniture for a cruise ship, offshore platform, and ferry boat. It will often come with a low under-the-bed.

Where will one be considered necessary?

  • There is plenty of room in every cabin, whether in your bedroom or on an ocean cruise ship. In most circumstances, you’ll need a king-sized bed in a cabin or two twin beds in a cabin for two people. The passengers also have room for two more beds in addition to the enormous ones.
  • They will frequently require three beds or a large bedroom with two or three smaller beds, such as on a family vacation. A Pullman bed could be the best option in this situation. When not in use, it may be conveniently folded and wall-mounted to the wall or ceiling, freeing up space for the morning.
  • Pullman beds are utilized in several venues, including cruise ships, ferry boats, yachts, offshore platforms, warships, and vessels.

What about the cost of Pullman beds?

The questions arise here what’s a Pullman bed and what cost? The Pullman bed pricing is crucial to a cruise ship’s decor since it is the most fundamental piece of furniture in the rooms. Yet another essential factor is its safety. All parties involved, from the ship’s owner to the interior firm, are worried about this cost.

The price is affected by several variables in the ways described below.

  • Material:

 Several materials are available, including wood laminate, steel, aluminium, and stainless steel, depending on the use. The range of costs from the lowest to the highest is. It will need a more robust material to attach the arms to the wall or ceiling. Hence steel or stainless steel is frequently used to construct it.

  • Certifications:

The Pullman bed must adhere to the maritime furniture standard as it is considered marine furniture. Several class societies exist in numerous nations, including BV, ABS, GL, DNV, and CCS. LR, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, GL, Germanischer Lloyd’s Register, and DNV Det Norske Veritas are among them. Japanese Bureau of Shipping, Korean Bureau of Shipping, Italian Bureau of Shipping, French Bureau of Shipping, and NK Japanese Bureau of Shipping.

Different certifications will be required for various ship owners and will be priced differently. They both, however, must pass the IMO test. A personal qualification for Pullman is typically optional. The price will vary if any particular standards that Pullman beds must meet need certification.

  • Sizes:

The price will also depend on the size, whether tiny or enormous. The greater the size, the more expensive the materials will be and the more expensive the labour will be. This is an obvious concept. Additionally, ordering too many sizes in one purchase can increase expenditures. It is best to order many items of the same size.

How is a Pullman bed installed on a cruise ship?

  • They are building a strong foundation inside the wall. Make sure that the Pullman bed’s arms are in the appropriate locations.
  • Welding a bolt to each hole after drilling holes in the robust construction. It is preferable to exceed 10mm. 
  • Please make sure that the arm distances from the holes match the holes. After removing the arm cover panel and fastening the arms with bolts, tighten the nut. They are installing the Pullman bed after covering the arms panel. 
  • Please download our design or email us at sales@marinefurnitures.com if you need to know where the arm holes are located.
what's a Pullman bed?

How to make your Pullman beds custom?

  • When designing the cabin room for a cruise ship or boat, a designer wants Pullman beds in a custom size and colour.
  • They want to put some upholstery on the back of these beds to make them function as couch backs at times.
  • Please let us know your preferences if your cabin has any of these needs.
  • We have a great deal of experience with these solutions.

Where can you buy it?

They may still be produced in tiny amounts in other places. The lowest prices are now coming from China due to labour costs. For more than 15 years, SANYON has been manufacturing Pullman beds. We have extensive experience in this field and make these in various bespoke styles. SANYON is the top leading manufacturer of Pullman beds.

  • Service of sourcing:

We provide sourcing services to our clients, assisting them in locating the furnishings they require in China as needed. We have a furniture supply chain in China and high-quality control for our clients.

  • Quality assurance:

We have an excellent quality control system and cost management in several furniture fields thanks to our many years of experience working with international furniture companies.

  • Consumers First:

We view situations from the standpoint of our customers. Every step of the way, every time, we make every effort to make doing business with us simple.

  • Designed to Last:

We take pleasure in creating stylish furniture of the highest caliber. That is how we establish connections with the people we help. If you’re interested in learning more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • High-Quality Furniture:

With more than 15 years of OEM and ODM experience for these furniture firms, we are a supplier for several major furniture brands. We have strong quality control and can supply furniture made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, HPL, and laminate, as well as a variety of maritime furniture.

  • A vast selection:

Our machine can make various furniture that may be made to order.

  • Low-cost and high-quality goods:

We are a manufacturer with strong cost management, enabling us to provide our customers with high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

  • Quick delivery:

We can provide more than 20000 pieces of furniture thanks to our more than 20000 factories.

Why is Pullman’s bed so popular?

  • Also constructed Pullman bed is aluminium are ladders. Standard packing is entirely done out of carton boxes; Pullman beds may be stacked on top of one another, making them popular in cramped spaces.
  • This aluminium Pullman bed is used on cruise liners and other vessels due to its lightweight and attractive design. It is also possible to attach the wooden laminae to the back. 
  • A Pullman bed is a special kind of bed designed for use on cruise ships. Additionally, they have certain headboards and footboards that help maintain the mattress’s posture. They are made with a reasonably comfy mattress that provides much support. A Pullman bed is a bed that is attached to the wall or ceiling of a bedroom on a cruise ship. 
  • Frequently, a ladder is used to access the bed perched on a bunk. Because a Pullman bed is out of the way during the day, it can take up less space in the cabin. 
  • The hanging arm is made of steel for high demands, and the bed frame is made of aluminium with a powder coating. The thickness varies according to the location to support proper construction and weight.
  • In addition to the typical marine mattress size we provide, we may create a bed for you in a custom size. We can also provide you with a sea mattress if you’d like.

How to utilise a Pullman Bed?

While the cabin inhabitants are out for the evening, cabin stewards will lower the bed as part of the turndown service that is often provided on cruises. They will ensure the Pullman bed is properly fastened and set up for its visitor.

Cabin attendants will stow the Pullman beds away to make room in the cabin once you have left it in the morning. Although you can accomplish this independently, it’s typically best to leave it to the experts. To prevent a child from rolling off the Pullman bed in the middle of the night, ensure the railing has been raised if a child is using it.

Why Do People Use Pullman Beds?

Pullman beds are primarily utilized in cramped cruise ship cabins as a space-saving strategy. Compared to other sleeping alternatives like pullouts or sleeper couches, most people can be accommodated in the lowest amount of space.

The cabin will be considerably simpler for visitors to manoeuvre since Pullman beds can be stored away when not in use. They will only have to manoeuvre around a few beds in the same room. Additionally, a considerable quantity of floor space is saved.


This article explains to you what’s a Pullman bed and its benefits. A respected producer of maritime field furniture, SANYON has more than 15 years of expertise. We have a lot of positive traits that can be used effectively in many different contexts. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Pullman beds are sensitive, and we provide friendly client service. We value our ties and consider our customers to be long-term partners. We achieve this by offering excellent, individualized services and prioritizing our customers. To benefit from the advantages of this superb ship bed, get yours right immediately. If you have any queries, we invite you to contact us. Purchase yours now!

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