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Work bench for ship SYW-001

Work bench for ship SYW-001

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Work bench for ship SYW-001

  1. Size:2000*1100*900mm.
  2. Material: plywood,aluminum,laminate
  3. Handle:aluminum handle
  4. Top thickness:27mm
  5. Body thickness:1.5mm
  6. Slide: soft close slide
The work bench for ship have some different requests compare land furniture. 
  1. Will be need fix to wall and floor.
  2. Will be need very tighten to avoid the noise when using it.
  3. Will be need self close slide to avoid the drawer flip out.
  4. will be have a stop bar at shelf front part.
  5. Will be need fireproof top and body.
  6. Will be need anti water for the wooden part
  7. Will be need satify the Classification society requests.

According these requests,our workbench made some special design so that it is can using in marine field.

  1. Work bench Top we using the marine standard plywood with formica laminate.It is making the top will be anti water and fireproof
    work bench for ship plywood
  2. We choose aluminum as bench body material.It is wont rust in a humid environment.
    workbench for ship aluminum plate

Some of the ship will be need some workbench for working.

This marine workbench is special design according marine furniture standard.

The top of the bench is made of from marine wood with laminate finish,strong constructure.

The base of the workbench is 316# stainless steel can be fix to the floor.The workbench boady with shutter so that have a good ventination for stock things.


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