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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

storage locker
storage locker
Wooden wardrobe with drawer and Fomica laminate finish
  • A Formica-laminate wardrobe may help you maintain your things neat and in top condition.
  • Formica is a tough, hygienic material available in many hues and designs.
  • The wooden wardrobe with Formica laminate is fashionable and incredibly durable. It has a key lock, or you may select another lock, etc.
  • The laminate on Formica is incredibly heat, scratch, and stain resistant. It is also incredibly simple to maintain and clean.
  • Lock, shelf, hanging rob, and handle are the standard configurations.
  • You may choose either a pre-made colour or the wood grain colour.

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Features of wardrobe with formica laminate:

  • This wardrobe has a Formica laminate surface and is covered with marine plywood to comply with standards for maritime furniture. It is suitable for offshore ships and boats.
  • Your wardrobe should be compose of Formica laminate. It looks excellent, is enduring, and is simple to clean.
  • Its construction consists of plywood with a coated (Formica)hpl surface; 2mm PVC edge banding, available in thicknesses of 18 to 25 mm.
  • Its standard dimensions are W800*L500*H2000mm. However, it may be customize to your needs.
  • The wardrobe’s interior can also be finished in the same color foam lamination; however, doing so will increase the cost relative to using white.
  • Formica is a long-lasting and simple-to-clean material. Packaging: conventional carton box assembly or knock-down packaging as needed.
  • For people who desire a fashionable and valuable piece of furniture, a wooden wardrobe with a drawer is a perfect option.
  • A good finish is available on this sort of wardrobe, which may be utilize in boats. Considering how long it will survive, a wooden cabinet with a drawer is also a wise purchase.
  • There is a lot of room for storing your items, and it is attractive and reliable. If you know what you need and want, you can select the ideal one to fit your home’s décor.
  • It may be both practical and elegant in addition to being functional. Since it can store clothing and other objects, a wardrobe with drawers is even more helpful.


About us:

One of the leading manufacturers of Formica laminate for wardrobes is SANYON. It is the greatest option for a wardrobe since it is long-lasting and simple to maintain. Look no further than SANYON if you need a Formica laminate of the highest caliber for your wardrobe. Our goal is to improve the quality and affordability of maritime furniture so that our clients can outperform their rivals in the market. For many various nations, we can offer a variety of marine furniture goods. SANYON has a plant that produces metal and hardwood furniture and is skilled at controlling cost and quality. We also have a chain for various types of maritime furniture that we don’t make. When our customers want it, we may also provide a sourcing service.

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