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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

marine chart table for sea chart which will be need for ship ,boat,vessel control room
marine chart table for sea chart which will be need for ship ,boat,vessel control room
SANYON Wooden Marine Furniture Laminate Chart Table with Dawers in W1700 Width-SYCT-004
  • Custom-made Marine Plywood Furnitures Laminet MapTable Showing Chart Table For Marine based on the chart house of the vessel,ship,or yacht
  • Formica laminated plywood is the material,but you can also replace it with steel, aluminum, or honeycomb.
  • The chart table from marine furniture is the ideal enhancement for your ship. It is durable, weatherproof, and simple to clean. Additionally, it folds for simple storage. Every boater should buy this table.
  • Chart tables from marine furniture are the ideal method to keep  your nautical charts organized and handy .
  • They work well for determining your direction and monitoring your progress as you move forward .

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Features for SYCT-004

  • The chart size of ocean tables and chart tables can be customized based on specific rooms or layouts .
  • It’s dimension is W1700*D1200*H915/1285mm,of course,other dimensions is available.
  • The material for the chart table is plywood base and laminate surface.For the ship cab, a crucial piece of marine furniture, boat furniture, and ship furniture, can be steel, hardwood, aluminium, or honeycomb.
  • We offer an extensive selection of high-quality wood and steel furnishings for cabins and public areas on offshore rigs or aboard commercial and military ships.
  • Each material use to create the furniture has the necessary certifications and attestations and complies with all maritime standards.
  • Additionally,we provide other items like a wooden bed, a pull-out bed, a wardrobe, desks, etc.
  • A marine furniture chart table is a particular table frequently found aboard boats and ships. It often uses waterproof materials and is means to be solid and long-lasting. 
  • Chart tables from marine furniture maybe fold or unfold as necessary and are use for a range of things, including holding charts and maps.
  • A table for use in a nautical setting is a chart table for marine furnishings.These tables are frequently constructed from materials impervious to rust and weathering. They also come equipped with unique characteristics that make them perfect for use on a boat or ship .
  • It is often located next to the ship’s wheel and where the captain or navigator charts the vessel’s path. A chart table is a piece of maritime furniture used to navigate ships.

Material for chart table

What we use for the chart table is high quality plywood base and Formica lamienate surface finish.Which has certificate for marine furniture meets marine standard.

  • Plywood: high strength and durability due to cross-laminated layers.

  • Available in different grades and thicknesses for various applications.

  • Can be used for curved surfaces due to flexibility.

  • Can be finished with various coatings for enhanced protection.

  • Environmentally friendly option if made from sustaiably sourced wood.

    2.HPL: scratch and impact resistance due to hard surface layer.

    Wide range of colors and patterns for decorative purposes

    Resistant to heat, stains, and chemicals.Easy to clean and maintain.And can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

SANYON marine furniture material-plywood and HPL surface


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