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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine simple sofa with solid wood frame
two seats wooden frame Hanke sofa 002B
  • The Hanke couch is a contemporary interpretation of a classic style. The couch features a sleek, simple wooden frame with two seats. The sofa is ideal for a modern or trendy environment.
  • The frame of this couch is made of solid wood and has an upholstered seat and back cushions.
  • We place a higher priority on quality for this couch, which has a traditional design and KD packaging.
  • High-resilience polyurethane foam is used to make the seat and back cushion. You may select ASH as a typical couch frame since the frame is made of solid wood. For this sofa, we offer a custom color.

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  • A two-seater couch with a Wooden frame Hanke sofa and aesthetic simplicity that is comfy. For every home, the Hanke couch is ideal.
  • This sofa’s dimension is W1270*D700*H780mm, and PU or genuine leather is use in its construction. The seat height is H430mm.
  • Anyone looking for a chic and cozy place to sit will find a Hanke couch with a two-seater wooden frame ideal. Due to how little space it occupies, this kind of couch is ideal for compact flats or rooms. Any style of décor will look great with the sofa’s contemporary design.
  • Due to its two-seat format, it is perfect for compact areas and has an attractive yet basic style that fits well in any decor.
  • Due to how little space it occupies, this kind of sofa is ideal for compact flats or rooms.
  • Top-grain leather covers the couch, which has a sturdy wood frame. The Wooden frame Hanke sofa is ideal for anybody searching for a chic and cozy piece of furniture.
  • With a contemporary touch, it is a classic item. It will bring a touch of elegance to any house and is the ideal fusion of traditional and modern designs. The strong wood frame of the Hanke couch is upholstered in a lovely, soft fabric.
  • The Hanke couch is ideal for anybody looking for a fashionable, contemporary piece of furniture that is both cozy and practical, thanks to its basic design and clean lines.


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For almost 15 years, SANYON has been the industry leader in producing maritime furniture. We use the best materials to construct our furniture, which is designed to last. Also, our highly cozy and fashionable are our items. Our commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and innovation has made us the finest in the business. Our company’s extensive range of goods is ideal regardless of the size of the vessel, from tiny boats to enormous yachts. As the leading manufacturer of maritime furniture in the sector, we have built a reputation for excellence. SANYON provides the furnishings you need, whether you have a big yacht or a little fishing boat.

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