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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine sofa in double person seat in leather surface with IMO
Three seats Sofa S-078
  • The size of the sofa is 2500*970*700.
  • A three-seat sofa complements a living area with a nautical design. The sofa’s simplistic lines and three seats make it ideal for hosting guests, and its basic structure will match any nautical décor. The sofa will also survive for many years because it is pleasant and intense.
  • Your marine house would benefit significantly from a three-seat sofa. It looks fantastic in any space and provides enough seats for your family and guests.
  • It is a beautiful addition to your house, whether you go for a conventional or modern style—natural or synthetic leather.
  • It can provide ample seating for a large group while also maintaining a level of elegance and style.

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  • This three seats sofa has a loose back cushion that can be turned around and an utterly upholstered frame. To facilitate transportation and conserve space, it was divided into two halves.
  • High-resilience polyurethane foam fills the seat and back cushions, and the internal hardwood structure is manufactured from solid wood. For this three seats sofa, we offer a bespoke color.
  • Any Marine life house would benefit from having a three-seat sofa. This sofa will survive many years thanks to its comfy sitting and robust construction.
  • The sofa is covered in a lovely customized fabric that is simple to keep clean and suitable for the marine home.
  • For your sailing needs, a three-seat marine sofa is ideal. This couch will look great on any yacht and provide lots of sitting. It is a perfect choice for anybody seeking a fashionable and valuable sofa.
  • A three-seat sofa is a perfect choice to accommodate a big group of people while keeping a degree of sophistication and style. It may also be a highly versatile piece of furniture that can be utilized in various ways.
  • The ideal furniture item for your home is a three-seat sofa. It is elegant and perfect for hosting guests or just unwinding in your living room. It has enough space for large families or groups of friends to sit down and doubles as a bed for guest nights.


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The SANYON Company manufactures higher-quality and more affordable nautical furniture so that our clients may surpass their competitors. For many different countries, we can provide a variety of marine furniture items. The features of furniture manufacturing facility that excel at keeping costs and quality under control. In addition, we supply a large variety of non-made marine furniture through our chain. We could also offer a sourcing service if our clients require it. We look at things from the standpoint of our customers. To make doing business with us simple and natural, we go to tremendous efforts. We like making furniture that is of excellent quality and never goes out of style. That is how we establish relationships with the folks we help.

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