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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Single metal locker
Single metal locker
  • A single metal locker is Beige, or a custom color can be manufactured.
  • Lock: key lock and different locks are available, etc.
  • Any boat may benefit significantly from having a single metal locker as storage. One metal locker is a terrific option to consider if you are seeking storage for your boat.
  • From clothing and shoes to books and toys, these lockers are ideal for keeping a wide range of objects.
  • The standard configurations are the lock, shelf, hanging rob, and vent hole.
  • While single metal lockers are more secure than other types of lockers, they are perfect for documents.
  • They are perfect for keeping valuables since they are also harder to break into.

More Information

  • The size of the single metal locker is W400*L500*H2000mm is the typical size; other sizes are available upon request. Conventional carton box with assembled packaging or knock-down package as needed.
  • Good-grade galvanized steel (SECC) with an anti-rust surface finish.
  • Steel board thickness: 1.0 mm before coating; options range from 1.0 to 2.0 mm.
  • Single metal lockers are designed to give people a safe location to keep their items. Your stuff can be controlled in single metal lockers safely and securely.
  • Because they are strong and safe, single metal lockers are excellent storage choices. Important stuff like ship records, supplies, or personal possessions can be kept in them easily.
  • You won’t need to be concerned about metal lockers being dirty or dusty because they are so simple to maintain. A single metal locker is the best option for the security of documents and ship records.
  • You decided on a single metal locker since it was the safest option. You wanted one that would be strong and reliable so that you wouldn’t have to worry about my possessions being stolen or hurt.
  • The best choice for me looked to be a single metal locker. A single metal locker can be something to consider if you’re searching for a locker to store your personal items and other shipping records.
  • Due to the wide range of functions they provide, single metal lockers are a fantastic alternative for many individuals.

For our customers, we provide a large assortment of furniture with unique styles. As you are aware, every piece of furniture for the marine industry is manufactured to order. And it is sturdy and elegant since a quality external powder coating has been applied to it. We employ a metal alloy because of its durable design, lightweight, and anti-rust qualities. The design team and production facilities are both owned by SANYON. Folding, painting, laser coating, and powder coating lines are just a few of our furniture-making tools. You are invited to submit drawings or ideas so that we can create them just for you. Reach out to us for more details on our furnishings.



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