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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005
SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005
SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005
SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005
SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005
  • What material for this writing table?This one tale is wooden top and steel panel base.Plywood and HPL surface as table top and galvanized steel panel for frame,which make the table looks beautiful.
  • Normally the wooden thickness for top is 25mm,and steel thickness is 1.0mm.Maybe others request is accept as well.
  • This one table is for single person,so the size is samll W1200*D600*H750mm,and if other size is can be made too.
  • It has three drawers to storage some personal things or filing,whch is with aluminum alloy handle and in key lock.

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Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005

SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005
SANYON Marinetime Furniture Ship Metal Writing Desk With Wooden Front-SYWT-005

Specification for SYWT-005 writing table:

1.Material:different material from table top and table frame.On the one hand,top from high quality plywood as base and laminate HPL surface finished.As the edge banding,it is 2mm PVC banding.Besides the PVC banding,you can choose solid wood banding as well.On the other hand table frame made from galvanized steel,which makes good quality with better anti-rust than normally Cold Roller Steel.In order to make the steel beautiful,it needs to power coating after welding.

2.Thickness for the different material:one is wooden top,normally it is 25mm,and another one steel frame is 1.0mm thickness.If you have other request,we can make it for you too.

3.As for size:because this one writing table designed for single person.Dimension:W1200*D600*H750mm.Marine writing table can make to other style as well,different project has different request,we can manufacture any size request according client’s request.

4.Lastly about the packing:usually make to disassemble packing for transportation is easy .And it needs package with carton box.

What material for this writing table?

Table top is plywood and HPL

25mm thickness plywood as base and HPL surface finish,normally this HPL use Formica brand.And the edge finish is PVC banding,or solid wood banding finish.

As for the color,any colo can be choose from Formica color sample.

SANYON marine furniture material-plywood and HPL surface
galvanized steel material for marine furniture

What steel we use for table frame is galvanized steel

Galvanized steel as a type of steel that has been coated with a thin layer of zinc . This layer acts as a protective barrier against corrosion and rust,which can damage the metal and reduce its lifespan. 

After welding,the frame needs to powder coating,which is order to make the table beautiful.And the color can choose from RAL color sample or client’s request sample.

What is a writing table?

Using table for writing and reading. It is typically composed of a flat surface,such as a desk,and is typically used to hold stationary and writing materials . Writing tables can vary in size, shape, and style, depending on the user’s needs. Some make simple and utilitarian, while others are more ornate in style and come with drawers or shelves to organize stationery. This Writing tables are often used in cabin roon on ship.It is macthing the bed,normmaly putting beside to the bed.Before sleeping,people can look and write on the table.

Features for the table:

  • Aluminium or steel may be used for the body of this writing desk for marine furniture. A desk intended to be utilized in a nautical setting is known as a marine writing desk.
  • Usually metal used to make the desk. Furthermore, it has a unique surface resistant to water and other elements. The desk typically equipped with storage areas or drawers for writing instruments.
  • A laminated top with rounded corners serves as the desk ’s secure top .
  • The writing desk secured to the deck floor using a fastening angle at the furniture’s base.
  • Three tiny lockable drawers that can hold some personal items provided. If not necessary,they can also remove the locks.
  • A writing desk explicitly for use in a maritime environment known as a marine desk .This desk has a stunning polish and constructing of solid steel .Three drawers on the desk for also ideal for keeping your materials .

More features:

  • The desk also quite simple to put together. A piece of  marine furniture writing desk with drawers, a spot to store writing supplies, and a surface where you can set your paper down while writing.
  • This timeless piece marine desk for stylish ,reasonably priced,which fits in well in any setting because of its simplicity .Despite its small size, it just as sturdy as the rest of our marine-made furniture.
  • The versatile writing desk,cost-effective choice that can use in many places. Anyone who needs a compact space aboard a boat for bill collection and payment should use this desk. The writing desk offers a solution for people with limited floor space and also great for communal settings.        


The SANYON company is a leading manufacturer of marine furniture.Our factory specialize in producing quality furniture at an affordable price.We have a chain of furniture factories around the world ,and has experience manufacturing various types of marine furniture. Quality control is a priority for the SANYON company, and our furniture is typically durable and affordable. We offer a wide range of products,from beds to wardrobes, tables, and other items. The company also offers fast delivery and a huge selection of furniture to choose from at a competitive price, helping customers do better than their competitors .  

SANYON has a wealth of expertise in maritime furnishings. We can provide you with a skilled furniture service. The leading producer of marine writing desks is Sanyon. Our products are fashionable and functional, making them ideal for usage in any nautical setting. Our team of specialists is available to assist you in selecting the ideal workstation for your requirements. Company is in the industry of producing high-quality and low-cost marine furniture so that our clients may outperform their rivals. We can offer various marine furniture goods for a wide range of nations. Please feel free to get in touch with us for additional information.

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