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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Yacht chair
Yacht chair
yacht chair
yacht chair
SANYON Marine Furniture Leather Yacht Chair for Yachtsman-W600 Width-SY-XT01

1.Material:seating is leather and sponge.

2.Chair frame:stainless steel and deck rail.



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 Yacht Chair


1.Firstly This yacht chair for yacht leather,midew proof,UV resistant,suitable for harsh marine environment.

2.Internal high resilience shaped spone.Alumium alloy chair frame,marine anodized aluminum alloy disc base and pedal.stainless steel track.

3.And then The angle of armrest and back can adjust according user request.The angle of back can adjust from 45° to 160°.

4.Thirstly Pneumatic height adjustment,adjustable lifting stroke of 150mm.360° seat rotation and locking.Peda can folding 90°.

5.At lastly Leather and color can be customized,seat belt can be optional as well.

Yacht chair
yacht chair

     What reason for this yacht chair:

  • The captain will experience exceptional comfort in this well-liked and convenient maritime captain chair. These captain’s chairs are crucial pieces of boat equipment because they give the skipper a secure and comfortable place to sit while operating the ship.
  • While sitting, you may use this chair’s features. The chair composes of sturdy materials that won’t break down in the weather, and its plush leather seat and back make it cozy to sit in for extended durations.
  • Leading classification societies’ ergonomic and technological standards were taken into consideration when designing this chair.
  • The leather and foam of chair also fireproof, allowing it to meet IMO requirements for maritime standards. You can confident that your chair won’t start a fire because these chairs are composed of materials that inherently fire-resistant.
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