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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marinetime sponge mattress in fireproof and IMO,DNV certificate
SANYON marinetime sponge mattress in fireproof and IMO,DNV certificate
fire resistant sponge mattress
sponge mattress
sponge matress inner part
SANYON Marine Fire Retardant Sponge Mattress with IMO MED Certification

Sponge Mattress size: width and length can be custom made, thickness usually from 50~200mm;


100% Fire Retardant Polyester

Fire Retardant Sponge

Space: Captain & Crew & Cabin

Can offer DNV certification;

More Information

Marine Fire Retardant Sponge Mattress

Using a soft and high density foam to provide an suitable sleep environment.

Our Marine mattress is custom production according ship, boat room or space. The material will be with IMO/MED certifications.

  • Usually, the sponge mattress for berths are made according to your bed inner size, thickness can be from 50-200mm;
  • Cover zone for mattress is fire retardant fabric, fire-resistant sponge and non-woven fabric;
  • Interior zone is fire resistant polyurethane foam;
  • Package for mattress is PVC bag + Kraft paper;
  • For the sponge mattress, we can offer DNV certification according to your vessel name or project name;

Details of mattress:

  • Polyurethane Sponge


A: Why we need to use FIRE RETARDANT mattress?

Marine furniture design is to provide a comfortable, warm and safe living and working environment for the crew and passengers on the sea, but also to bring people the enjoyment of beauty. Marine furniture should be adapted to the special needs of ship navigation, and the products pay special attention to firmness and fire and wave protection. In addition, the ship installed in the fire prevention construction can not be ignored, because far away from the land, it is difficult to get timely and effective external assistance when the fire appears, and once the fire cannot be controlled, the evacuation of personnel is more difficult than the land. So in daily life, for fire prevention work must not be less.

B: Is this sponge mattress fire retardant?

Our mattress use fire retardant fabric, fire retardant polyurethane foam. Materials do fire test, and the whole matress can be offer DNV certificate.

C: About MOQ and delivery time

Any quantity of mattress you want to order, we can make them for you. One sample, or small quantities, such as 5-10 ea.

Delivery time is 15-25 days.

D: How to confirm the mattress size?

Usually we leave 5-10mm gap to your inner size of bed, this gap for your beddings.

E: How to package it?

PVC bag + Kraft paper for each mattress.

marine ship and boat mattress with IMO MED certification DNV certification


To help our clients outperform their rivals, the SANYON manufactures furnitures of higher quality at lower costs. For several nations, we can offer a variety of maritime furniture goods. They are all made in our factories. We have strong relationships in China so that we can provide our customers with a wide range of Chinese-made furniture. A chain is also available for any other type of maritime furniture we don’t manufacture. Two factories make maritime furniture. One produces steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel furniture. The other produces wooden and honeycomb furniture.All of them are made in our factories. We have strong connections in China to ensure that we can supply our customers with a variety of Chinese-made furniture. Our products are available worldwide.

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