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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine dining table with stainless steel leg for four seats
SANYON marine dining table with stainless steel leg for four seats
SANYON marine dining table with stainless steel leg for four seats
SANYON Marine Dining Table for Cruise Ship With Stainless Steel Leg In L1200 Length-SYDT-02


1.This dining table desktop is constructed of marbled plywood splint.The table leg is made of stainless steel in #304 tube material.

2.The size is W1200*D1600*H750mm,it can be made other sizes.

3.The color of chair is yellow .The desktop is white one.Color can be according other requests.

4.The bottom of the chair foot has a black rubber cover to prevent wear and tear.

5.Number of seat: 4 seats

6.Applicable occasion:canteen/restaurant


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SYDT-02 dining table

Features for SYDT-02 dining table:

1.Corrosion resistance, due to its high chromium content, makes it suitable for use in humid environments. Or areas with high exposure to water.
2.The stool is made of PP plastic material, the chair foot is 304# stainless steel frame.And the table top is construction by fire-proof board with marble grain.
3.The dining table structure is strong, which means that it can bear considerable force or weight without breaking easily.
4.The table top is heat-resistant, so it is suitable for placing high temperature tableware.
5.The desktop is easy to clean and maintain.
6.Environmental protection because of its recyclability and long life, reducing waste and environmental impact.
7.Prevent stains, scratches, and dents to ensure the appearance is maintained over time.
8.Can combine with other materials, such as wood or glass, for a modern and sophisticated look.
9.Versatile, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, can  use for a variety of purposes, including dining, work or display.
10.Customizable, with options in different sizes, shapes and designs, ensure it fits the user’s unique needs and preferences.

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