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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

boat table
boat table
boat table
boat table
boat table
boat table
SANYON Long Boat Table with Stainless Steel Leg for Marine-1200mm Length-750mm Height-SYT-006

1.Table top:Plywood is basic material and Formica laminate is surface finish.

2.Table frame:#304 stainless steel tube,in double.

3.Size: W1200*D380*H750mm,any size can be custom.

4.Color:wood grain from Formica color sample and frame is stainless steel color.


More Information

Wooden Laminate Boat Table with Stainless Steel Leg


  • This table is made of stainless steel and wood panels. First, plywood with a 25mm thickness makes up the majority of the tabletop.
  • Next, the Formica laminate top surface and solid wood edges are used. #304 stainless steel making to table leg.
  • The table’s materials enable it to usd with many ships and boats. The typical dimensions of a boat table are W1200*D380*H750mm.
  • Any kitchen or eating area in a boat would benefit from having the long boat table with stainless steel. It’s ideal for entertaining guests or hosting family events.
  • The table has a lovely finish and constructed from premium materials. It’s also simple to maintain and clean. The Long Table with Stainless Steel for a fantastic option for any boat.
  • The leg coloured stainless steel, and the tabletop is a Formica colour sample. But it can accommodate any size requirement from the customer.
  • This table is a combined hardwood, and stainless strengthen table. It can suite for various maritime requests as marine furniture. Not only is this boat table lovely, but it’s also of high quality.
boat table

Are you looking to brighten your boat with a sleek, modern table? Our Long  Table with Stainless Steel is ideal for any modern area. This table has an elegant, minimalist form with a top made of stainless steel.

It’s a terrific complement to any decor because of its understated yet stylish appearance.

This boat table is wooden and stainless steel combination one table.As a kind of marine furniture,it can suitable for different marine request.This boat table is not only beautiful,but also good quality.

More size details for SYT-006 boat table:

boat table

Why does laminate marine furniture need the Formica brand?

When marine furniture used for the ship. It should be passed some marine standard certification.

And Formica laminate is satisfied the requirement. It has passed these and always the ship owner trust it if use a Formica laminate for the wooden marine furniture.

Our company is an expert at managing price and quality and has a factory that creates metal and wooden furniture. SANYON creates furniture of greater quality at more affordable prices to assist our clients in surpassing their competitors. We can provide a range of marine furniture items for several countries. In addition, we have a chain for other styles of nautical furniture that we do not produce. Two of our manufacturers produce furnishings for ships. One manufactures furniture out of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The other makes furniture out of wood and honeycomb. All of them are produced in our factories.

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