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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine boat chair with double seat
SANYON marine boat chair with double seat
SANYON marine boat chair with double seat
SANYON Leather Boat Chair With Double Seat for Cruise Ship with H116cm-SYBC-06


The width of the backs of two chairs:93cm

Two seat cushion size:43*46cm

Color:black and white

Handrail surface width:4cm



More Information

Details for SYBC-06 boat chair

1. The bench is an indispensable part of the ship’s furniture, and it is important to bring comfortable experience to the passengers.
2. This boat chair with double seat is made of high-quality aluminum stainless steel material.It is more durable and corrosion-resistant than ordinary materials. Its leather seat and back are waterproof and have a PU surface that can be easily wiped off when smudged.
3. The leather of the chair is also fireproof and meets the maritime standards of the International Maritime Organization.
4. It is made of natural fireproof and waterproof ISO certified standard materials.
5. The armrest and back of the chair are  adjustable. And the supporting foot of the chair can adjust forward and backward.
6. This feature is perfect for those who need a little extra support in a particular location or want to modify the seating experience.
7. Users can adjust their sitting experience according to their own needs.

About us:

The SANYON Company is in the business of producing furniture of higher quality at lower costs so that our clients may outperform our rivals. We can offer various marine furniture goods for a wide range of nations. The Sanyon wooden and metal furniture controls cost and quality. We also have a chain for many types of  furniture that we don’t make. We have two factories that make maritime furniture: one that makes metal pieces out of steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. And another that makes wooden and honeycomb pieces. We make all of them at our facility. After more than 15 years of export experience, we can provide bespoke supplies for various furniture fields and designs for OEM and ODM clients.

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