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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers
boat bed
boat bed
SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers and doors
SANYON Marine Furniture Metal Single Bed with Drawers and Door-2000Width-SYB-020
  • This single bed making from Galvanized steel,which makes it rust and corrosion-resistant.Normally the metal plate thickness is 1.0mm,maybe can choose from 0.7~2.5mm.
  • Beside the galvanized steel,it can be made by aluminum plate as well.Which is lighter on ship furniture.
  • In order to make the bed beautiful,after welding plate.It will be deal with high quality powder coating,which makes the bed coloful.
  • Usually the size is according project’s request to suitable different ship room.The bed made size is W2000*D860*H500mm.Any size is accept.

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SYB-020  Boat furniture metal single bed with double drawers and door
boat bed
boat bed


  • It is an excellent investment for your boat since it will endure longer than other materials. 
  • Standard size is W2000*D860*H500mm,other size can make as well. This bed is beige and customized in various colors.
  • This single bed has a door and two drawers. They both have handles and key locks. 
  • Galvanized steel panel was cut, folded, welded, and powder coated to make the entire bed frame. The bed is ideal for individuals who enjoy traveling because it is simple to put up and take apart.
  •  These beds are beautiful and small, plus they have a lot of storage.
  • Additionally, it is simple to install, Packing is destroyed using a carton box.
  • Along with aluminum, laminate, and honeycomb, it also contains galvanized steel. All of them might be converted into boats.
  • A hue sample from RAL was used to create this metal bed colour. You can pick whatever you prefer, and we will produce it for you.

SYB-020-boat furniture metal single bed more size details as below:

After all,our mainly advantage product according client’s request to make.

This one single bed size according from client’s request as well.

SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers and doors

In order to make the bed to antirust,the material we used is galvanized steel not cold-rolled steel.

As for surface used Out-door powder coated surface finish,in order to make beautiful and good quality.

Galvanization steel
RAL color sample

What’s furniture SANYON can offer it?

SANYON is the firm to contact if you want a boat metal single bed with drawers and doors. We run a fantastic business that produces exceptional boat metal beds. 

For more information about our furniture, please get in touch with us. In reality, we can provide our customers with a wide variety of custom-designed furniture.

Are you searching for a new boat bed? 

Look at the unique metal bed created in SANYON. With its lovely design and rugged construction, this bed is ideal for any boat. As you are aware, all maritime field furnishings are made to order. You may send us designs or ideas, and we will also design them for you.

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