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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Pullman Berth with sofa
Pullman Berth with sofa
pullman sofa bed
Pullman Berth with sofa
  • A particular kind of couch made for use on boats or other marine vessels is called a Pullman bed sofa for marine.
  • Although it seems like a typical couch, it contains a unique mechanism that turns it into a bed. As a result, it is perfect for usage aboard boats, where space is
  • Additionally, it may serve as a spare bed if required. You should certainly consider a Pullman berth sofa if you seek a sturdy and comfy one for your maritime craft.
  • The standard size for a mattress that is 2000*800*150mm is W800*L2080*H135mm.
  • The rear of the item might have a wooden hue if we utilize laminate.

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  • This Pullman berth sofa folding bed is appropriate for boats, ships at sea, and other vessels. IMO exam can be passed by it. Because it is comfortable, strong, and simple to maintain, a Pullman berth sofa is a fantastic option for marine use.
  • The Pullman bed will be capable of folding into a bed and becoming a sofa when retracted, allowing for more space in cruise or ship accommodations.
  • As requested by the customer, we may make the base with two drawers or more. Aluminum, steel, or stainless steel can all be used in the material.
  • The fabric also has the option of using imported, IMO-tested cloth. We can create various marine types of furniture on demand for our clients since we are a skilled marine furniture manufacturer.
  • A Pullman bed is a folding bed and a superb vintage item for many types of vessels. The portable beds are typically utilized in cabins.
  • The design of the bed allows it to be folded up into a 90-degree position when not in use. This dramatically reduces cabin space. Because folding enables multipurpose space use without sacrificing comfort, folding has an obvious economic advantage.
  • Many people who slept in this bed while aboard the ship later thought about buying the mattress for leisure! Everyone can recall their first experience lying on a Pullman bed.
  • The Pullman bed and sofas are an excellent investment for any marine and off-shore accommodations project. A cost-free, continuous marketing for your company.
  • The structure is simple, robust, and cost-effective to produce, and it doesn’t require separate handling of the mattress. To release the space the bed took up at night, and it simply takes one handling in the morning.


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