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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine wooden bunk bed in laminate surface
wooden bunk bed
SANYON marine wooden bunk bed in laminate surface
SANYON marine wooden bunk bed in laminate surface
SANYON Offshore Furniture Plywood Bunk Bed with Laminate Surface-2036 Length-SYB-025
  • Wooden material for marine bunk bed,high quality plywood as base,and it is laminate surface finish by Formica brand.
  • Wood grain color or a bespoke color can be produced .
  • No-drawers bunk bed .
  • A form of bed called an offshore bunk bed is frequently found aboard boats or ships . It is intended to optimize sleeping space for crew members or passengers while conserving space.
  • To save space, the bed is typically found on the ship ‘s lower decks and is frequently placed on top of other bunk beds.
  • The offshore bunk bed is a fantastic space-saving option for your house . It is ideal for little flats or rooms. An offshore bunk bed is something you should think about if you want to conserve space in your home.

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SYB-025 SANYON Offshore Plywood and Laminate Surface Bunk Bed
wooden bunk bed
SANYON marine wooden bunk bed in laminate surface
  • In other words, the woody section offshore bunk bed is made to complement the colours of the cabin.
  • It is made of plywood and laminate first. Wooden bedside panels with one side taller than the other, creating guard rail-like support for the bed.
  • By using wood instead of just metal, the maritime bunk bed is becoming more contemporary. In addition, the customer can select any Formica laminate colour in its place. As a result, the bed better fits the cabin room.
  • Firstly, the bun bed is built of laminated plywood for the base and a plywood top. Second, about thickness: Panel items typically have an 18mm thickness.


  • The dimension is W2036*D836*H1680mm or as requested by the customer. Lastly, the packing is often a carton box and a knock-down package.
  • Offshore furniture must always be certified following marine standards when used aboard a ship.
  • Ship owners have long trusted Formica laminate since it has passed these tests when used for wooden maritime furniture.
  • A specific request has been made for the plywood used in offshore furniture.
  • Since the sea is constantly present , marine furnishings are.
  • To utilize plywood that has received maritime certification when the environment is damp, we must.

Why offshore will need the formica laminate furniture? 

This type furnitures ,which is  always will be need pass some marine standard certification when they using for ship.

Formica laminate passed these tests and always the ship owner trust it if use a formica laminate for the wooden marine furnitures .

Does the offshore furnitures plywood have a special request?

Yes .After all marine furnitures always on sea.Because of the humid enviroment ,then we have to use a plywood which passed the marine certifycation .    

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