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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Pullman bed cruise
offshore furniture of marine cabin furnitures Produced in 2007 years
  • This cabin is equipped with a bunk bed that meets maritime standards, a desk, a bookshelf, a curtain, and a wardrobe.
  • All of these marine items or furnishings may pass an IMO test.
  • From non-combustible materials like steel and aluminum with a powder coat finish to a more aesthetic finish employing flame-retardant wood-based panels with a decorative laminate finish, our bespoke lodging furniture is available in a number of materials.
  • We are able to provide our customers with everything from a single source and supply product to a complete custom design, manufacture, and supply package thanks to our broad experience in the Marine and Offshore Industry

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More Information

  • The term marine offshore furniture refers to a broad range of specialist furniture made for use in maritime settings.
  • This style of furniture is meant to be used on boats, docks, and other maritime constructions and is frequently constructed from materials that can endure the severe conditions present in salt water.
  • Of course, combining these materials to create a robust, high-quality product is possible.
  • In fact, all of our cabin beds are made using this technique, with the mattress base and drawer units below being entirely made of powder-coated steel and then covered in decorative laminated panels to produce a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.
  • The best offshore furniture is marine-grade since it is made to endure the abrasive elements of the open sea. Its construction uses strong materials that can survive the water and weather effects.
  • In addition to being stylish and comfortable, an offshore marine furniture is a fantastic option for the boat.
  • We take great satisfaction in offering a superior level of service while utilizing our in-depth product expertise, which enables us to manufacture and sell a high-quality product on schedule and under budget.
  • The offshore marine furniture for your boat if you’re searching for attractive, long-lasting furniture. Marine offshore furniture is excellent for any space in your boat since it is made to endure the weather.

Sanyon offers various uniquely designed, practical, and long-lasting furniture lines for maritime usage. SANYON furniture collection is made up of clever furniture designs that combine functional elements with top-notch materials. When our customers needed it, we offered a sourcing service to assist them in locating the furniture they required in China. We have a network of furniture suppliers in China, and our clients may examine the quality of our products. Since it is so broad, it may be used for various purposes, including habitations, coasters, pilot station vessels, tankers, passenger ships, supply boats, cruise ships, and offshore platforms. Quality and safety are equal in our values. All materials used to make our furniture adhere to the Marine Equipment Directive’s worldwide criteria as insurance against this goal.


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