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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine metal bunk bed with drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with drawers
Metal marine double bunk bed with bookcase and light
SANYON Offshore furniture-Mairne Metal Bunk Bed with Bookcase-2510mm Length-SYB-005
  • If you need make your bedroom space maximize is to order a marine metal bunk bed.
  • Its dimensions are W2510*D1045*H2000mm, but it may also be customized and built out of galvanized steel and steel tubes that are 40*40*1.2mm in size.
  • With two drawers underneath the bed and one key lock of each drawer,if you need other type of lock,it also can option.
  • The standard arrangement is key lock,aluminum handle,drawers,ladder or bookcase.
  • You can choice this creamy white color or any you like color in RAL corlor samples.
  • Because they take up so little room, these beds are ideal for tiny houses or apartments .

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Offshore Furniture-Metal Bunk Bed with Bookcase-SYB 005

SANYON marine metal bunk bed with drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with drawers


  • This metal bunk bed including an integrated light for nighttime visibility and a ladder for simple entry and exit.Additionally,this bed is incredibly durable and use lifespan is long.
  • With this metal bunk bed,you can see well even in the dark and getting in out of bed is simple,thanks to the built-in ladder and light.The durability and longevity of this bed are both excellent.
  • It has a beautiful design and quite comfortable to sleeping.The bunk bed structure is quite strong and simple to install.
  • This metal bunk bed has a lamp,a plug and a shelf.It is a nice option for maritime usage in offshore locations.
  • This metal bunk bed was constructured with high quality galvanized steel or aluminum.The woooden laminate also is a good choice for marintime furnitures.
  • The steel tube size is 40*40*1.2mm.After that,apply a high-quality powder coating to the surface.Before coating,the steel board thickness roughly is 1.0 mm or 1.2mm.
  • Standard carton box packaging that can be disassembled.Or choice other package.

Features of SYB-005 metal bun bed for offshore:

  • Material:there is twe options for the bunk bed.One is galvanized steel and another one is aluminum.Both of them are finished to poweder coating in color.
  • Normally the thickness of the plate,galvanized steel is 1.0mm and aluminum is 1.2mm.Maybe you can choice from 0.7~2.5mm,according to project request.
  • Size is customer according client’s request.W2080*D880*H1650mm,other size is accepted.
  • We can also provide several types of maritime furnitures for customers simultaneously.
  • The first material option is between aluminium and galvanized steel.Then we will provide a RAL colour samples for client’s choice their like color.
  • We can customized any dimension that according to your projects demands.
  • Not just the light but also the drawers may be adjusted as needed. Lastly , you can choose left or right for the railing and ladder.

The furniture more details for metal bunk bed with light:

In fact,all of the bed size is according client’s request.

Such as including oversize , bunk bed frame steel tube and steel panel thickness ect.

We can also make bed size according the mattress size .

Metal marine double bunk bed with bookcase and light
  • Because the material we used is galvanized steel,its anti rust & corrosion protection will be better.
galvanized steel material for marine furniture

The out door is finished with high quality powder coating,it is durable and looks beautiful.

Metal marine furniture color sample options


About SANYON marine furniture:

With more than 15 years of OEM and ODM experience for these furniture companies, SANYON is a supplier for some significant furniture brands. We have good control over the quality and can offer furniture made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, HPL, laminate, and many different types of marine furniture. Our machine can produce various pieces of furniture that may be made to order. Since we are a manufacturer, we can provide our customers with high-quality goods at reasonable prices. We can offer more than 20000 pieces of furniture since we have more than 20000 factories. Having worked with various materials, including steel, wood, aluminum, honeycomb, etc., we have a great deal of expertise in creating unique maritime furniture. Contact us is welcome! Email address: sales@marinefurniture.com

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