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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON wire mesh storage lockers with bench for sale
SANYON wire mesh storage lockers with bench for sale
SANYON wire mesh storage lockers with bench for sale
SANYON wire mesh storage locker with bench (3)
SANYON wire mesh storage locker with bench (4)
SANYON Metal Wire Mesh Storage Lockers With Sitting Bench-1200mm Width-400mm Bench Height-SYML-06
  • Stainless steel handle pad lock system on three doors. Consider a stainless steel door handle if you’re searching for a contemporary and fashionable choice. You may easily accomplish either objective by installing a stainless steel door in your house.
  • Size: W 1200* D 450 * H 1800 + 400 mm, per your specifications. Lockers with a bench for sitting.
  • Metal is the primary component of wire mesh storage lockers. The best storage lockers are made of wire mesh.
  • The best approach to protect your possessions is with wire mesh storage lockers. They are ideal for keeping your belongings secure. 3.0 wire mesh with a 50*50 mesh;
  • Excellent grade surface finishes for the powder coating. Black or custom colours according to your specifications. Assemble while packing.

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SANYON wire mesh storage lockes with bench for sale

SANYON wire mesh storage lockers with bench for sale
SANYON wire mesh storage lockers with bench for sale

Features for SYML-06 wire mesh lockers with bench:

  • Firstly the structure for the wire mesh storage lockers is made of 25*25*1.0mm steel tubes. The 50*50*3.0mm cable mesh is used. 
  • Metal plate with a 0.8mm width makes up the shelf of metal wire lockers.SANYON wire lockers for sale.
  • Ideally, the lockers have great value outside sand covering finishes, and the sitting seat is made of steel tubes with plastic wood on top. 
  • As a result, it is both solid and attractive. In a nutshell, it is perfect for public storage. The lock mechanism, hooks, and shelf are all made of steel with stainless steel handles. 
  • Additionally, all the objects may be customized per your desire, and we are open to accepting customization. In addition, we can provide a variety of metal storage lockers for customers to load their goods in, using just a primary carton.
  • We provide a colour sample that matches RAL colours. Supplying a RAL colour sample for a specific colour is no better place to start than with a RAL colour sample when trying to locate the ideal colour match. 
  • Then, metal or wire mesh may be used to make these wire mesh lockers. Regarding the indoor hooks, we may provide them for you, or you can switch to a hanging rod. 
  • Metal panels or plain wire mesh, like the door, might be used for the shelf. You can make or not make the shelf. 
  • Everything is done following your wishes, and the size might follow. Finally, if you don’t need it, the bench is fine. You can pick whatever you like.

More size details for wire mesh storage lockers with bench:

In fact,all of the lockers size is according client’s request.

Such as including oversize, locker frame steel tube and steel panel thickness ect.

We can also make locker size according the layout drawing.

SANYON can make kinds of metal storage lockers according your request.Indeedly any size can be made.

If any new project,welcome to contact us!

SANYON wire mesh storage lockers with bench

Becase the shelf panel material what we use is galvanized steel, its rust protection & corrosion protection will be better.

Galvanization steel

And it is with high quality outdoor powder coating finished, it is durable and looks beautiful.

RAL color sample


The SANYON company is a leading manufacturer of marine furniture. Our factory specialize in producing quality furniture at an affordable price. SANYON has much experience manufacturing various types of marine furniture. Quality control is a priority for the SANYON company, and our furniture is typically durable and affordable. We offer a wide range of products, from beds to wardrobes, tables, and other items. The company also offers fast delivery and a huge selection of furniture to choose from at a competitive price, helping customers do better than their competitors .

A metal wire mesh storage lockers from SANYON. The wire locker for sale can  according to your specifications, this one wire mesh locker with sitting bench.It has one steel shelf and hooks.The size is W900*D450*H2200mm,can be changed to other dimension according client’s request.The sitting bench is steel tube frame and plastic wood top.There is steel plate and using screw to fix to the floor.

SANYON wire mesh storage locker with bench (3)
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