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Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Metal mesh storage wire Lockers with swing door
Metal mesh storage wire Lockers with swing door
SANYON mesh wire locker for storage
SANYON Metal Wire Mesh Storage Lockers (3)
Metal mesh storage wire Lockers with swing door
SANYON Metal Wall Storage Mesh Wire Locker with Swingdoor-915mm Width-SYML-08
  • Regarding security and protection, a metal plate and wire mesh combination might give the best of both worlds. The wire mesh can shield against smaller, more delicate objects, while the metal plate can operate as a strong barrier against impact.
  • These two materials can create a more robust and long-lasting construction than each one could on its own. Wire mesh may also support metal plates and keep them from distorting or becoming damaged by strengthening them.
  • Indoor fluctuate door with shelf and dimensions of W950*D615*H2438mm, or as needed.
  • Metal is used to create cable mesh storage lockers. Mesh is 50*50mm, and wire mesh is 3.0 thick. It is a powder-coating finish surface of the highest calibre.
  • Black color, or customized to your specifications and packed disassembled.

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Metal wall mesh wire locker for storage

Metal mesh storage wire Lockers with swing door
Metal mesh storage wire Lockers with swing door

Features for SYML-08 mesh wire locker for tenant storage lockers:

  • Firstly the frame for the cable mesh lockers making of 25*25*1.0mm steel tubes, and the wire mesh for 50*50*3.0mm. 
  • Then Metal plate with a 0.8mm thickness makes up the back and shelf of mesh lockers. The lockers all finished with an external powder coating of the highest caliber. As a result, making to both solid and attractive. 
  • Also we can also create different wire-mesh lockers. Steel stainless handle padlock with three points is the lock system. In a nutshell, it is perfect for public storage and is open to accepting custom. 
  • In addition, we provide several styles of metal storage lockers per request, not only with shelves but also with hanging rods. Standard carton boxes with disassembled packages are used only for packaging.
  • Lockers made of metal wire mesh for frequently used in gyms, schools, and other public locations to provide secure storage for personal goods.
  • It also utilizes in commercial and industrial settings to safeguard expensive equipment against theft and damage.
  • We provide a colour sample that matches RAL colours. You can pick whatever you like. These cable mesh lockers can can structure with metal or cable mesh. 
  • Size adjustments are possible upon request. The size of the wire mesh might be crucial. 
  • You can make or not make the shelf. In actuality, it supports your hypothesis. Regarding the indoor hanging rod, we may provide one for you, or you can switch to hooks. 
  • After that metal panels or plain wire mesh, like the door, can use to shelf. The sideways plate can also provide an attached dump if necessary.
SANYON metal wire mesh storage lockers

More size details for metal wire mesh  locker:

In fact,all of the lockers size is according client’s request.

Such as including oversize, locker frame steel tube and steel panel thickness ect.

We can also make locker size according the layout drawing.

SANYON can make kinds of metal storage lockers according your request.Indeedly any size can be made.

If any new project,welcome to contact us!

Becase the shelf and back panel material what we use is galvanized steel, its rust protection & corrosion protection will be better.

Galvanization steel

And it is with high quality outdoor powder coating finished, it is durable and looks beautiful.

RAL color sample
SANYON mesh wire locker for storage

This locker has double shelf,which is steel plate and fixed one.Under the last shelf,it has one hanging rail for the metal locker.And the locker bottom is a steel plate as well,it has holes to connect with the floor,in order to fixing the tenant storage lockers.


SANYON be able to generate numerous metal storage lockers based on your specifications. The ideal choice is sanyon metal storage lockers since it is strong and includes several advantages that other locker solutions do not. Our goods come with several characteristics and are robust and fireproof. Any size we can  manufacture to fit your requirements. Consider our company if you search for a premium, reliable, and practical metal storage container. Our objective is to offer you high-quality goods at competitive costs. Your complete happiness is our top concern. Please get in touch if you have any new projects!

A wall metal mesh wire locker for tenant storage lockers used in USA.This design according client request.Dimension on W915*D610*H2438mm,if other size requirement,we can make it as well.

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