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Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON metal wire mesh locker with handle lock
SANYON metal wire mesh locker with handle lock
SANYONN metal single wire mesh locker with hanle lock
SANYON metal wire mesh locker with handle lock
SANYON wire mesh storage locker with feet
SANYON Metal Single Mesh Locker for Storage in Double Tier-500mm Length-100mm Feet Height-SYML-07

1.Perfect for storing your belongings in a safe and secure place, this mesh locker is simple to install and remove. It is coated with a high quality powder coating.
2.Its size is 500 x 500 x 500 x 1600+ 100mm, or customized to your wishes.
3.Wire mesh storage is used to create lockers. The chicken wire is 3.0 thick, while the mesh is 50 by 50 mm.
4.There are legs under the lockers, hooks on each door.
5.Sang Yong wire mesh locker is an excellent choice for locking. They are simple to install and come in black or any color you want.
6.If you need more space to store household items, sports equipment, garden tools, or both, these lockers are an excellent solution.
7.They can be used in a variety of scenarios and are highly adaptable.


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Metal Wire Mesh Locker for Storage with Handle Lock

SANYON metal wire mesh locker with handle lock
SANYON metal wire mesh locker with handle lock

Features for SYML-07 wire mesh storage lock for sale:

  • Firstly the steel tube used for the frame of the wire mesh locker is 25*25*1.0mm. Next, the wire mesh is 50*50*3.0mm, and the finish is a premium outdoor powder coating. This makes it both strong and gorgeous.
  • Steel wires are weld together to form a robust mesh, the material use to make these lockers. It is powder coat to protect the mesh from rust and corrosion.
  • My possessions are keep secure and arranged in them and have a great appearance. It’s perfect for public storage, to put it briefly.
  • Accepting custom is an option and has 100 mm above ground level for the feet.
  • The shelf and hooks may be customize; they are strong and offer the amount of protection you want. Its lock mechanism is a padlock with a stainless steel handle.
  • Because of their distinctive style, the most outstanding storage lockers are SANYON Metal Wire Mesh Storage Lockers. They are highly secure because of their unique locking mechanism. Additionally, you may have any item customized as per your specifications.
  • Standard assembly packages are just compose of carton boxes for packing.
  • We provide a colour sample that matches RAL colors. You may pick whatever you like.
  • Regarding the interior hooks, we may provide them for you, or you can switch to a hanging rod;
  • Metal panels or plain wire mesh, like on a door, can be use for the shelf.
  • Finally, you can use the side connector holes on the four cornerscompose
SANYON wire mesh storage locker with feet

Wire mesh locker for sale more size details:

In fact,all of the lockers size is according client’s request.

Such as including oversize, locker frame steel tube and steel panel thickness ect.

We can also make locker size according the layout drawing.

SANYON can make kinds of metal storage lockers according your request.Indeedly any size can be made.

If any new project,welcome to contact us!

Becase the shelf material what we use is galvanized steel, its rust protection & corrosion protection will be better.

Galvanization steel

And it is with high quality outdoor powder coating finished, it is durable and looks beautiful.

RAL color sample


SANYON is pleased to present our new selection of metal wire mesh storage lockers. Our lockers are the ideal place to keep your valuables. We’re sure to have the perfect locker, with various sizes and colors to select from. According to your specifications, SANYON can produce various metal storage lockers. Any length may be made. Consider SANYON wire mesh if you want to use wire mesh goods to enhance the beauty of your space. You may depend on us not just once but constantly. Please get in touch with us if you have any new projects.

This is a single wire mesh storage locker for sale in SANYON.It has steel tube in 25*25*1.0mm steel tube and wire mesh 50*50*3.0mm structure.The one mesh locker designed for storage personal belongs,it has steel plate to divide double tier,and hooks in each door.To protect water,making the 100mm heigh feet for it.Size W500*D500*H1800mm,maybe other dimension is fine for us.

SANYONN metal single wire mesh locker with hanle lock
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