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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine furniture metal chart with storage cabinet
SANYON marine furniture metal chart with storage cabinet
SANYON marine furniture metal chart with storage cabinet
SANYON marine furniture metal chart with storage cabinet
marine table
SANYON Marine Furniture Metal Chart table with Storage Cabinet in Swing Door-900mm Width-850mm Height-SYCT-001
  • A great storage option is the Marine chart table. Not only is a table but also is a storage cabinet in ship.This cabinet’s sleek, contemporary design makes it the ideal place to put clothing, towels, or any other goods you need to keep organized. Powder-coated galvanized steel is present.
  • The chart ‘s top is plywood base and steel panel surface like the the bottom cabinet are made of solid materials that can survive the weather and are intended to keep your belongings safe and shielded from the sun and seawater .
  • It is made by galvanized steel in powder coating,which is more anti-rust than normally cold-roller steel panel.And the steel panel is 1.0mm thickness,other options are accept.
  • The chart table also have double swing door and 4 legs in 100 mm thickness .Maybe can be changed to another style .
  • They are dependable and long-lasting .Thanks to this excellent storage option ,you can conveniently and effectively store all of your clothing in one location.

More Information

SANYON marine furniture metal chart with storage cabinet
SANYON marine furniture metal chart with storage cabinet

Specification for SYCT-001-metal chart table

  • This marine metal chart table is constructed by galvanized steel,and in powder coating surface finish.Which make the table suitable to marine environment and keep the anti-rust.
  • The storage table dimension is W900*D650*H850mm ,and it is 100mm height leg in 4 units.And it can be canceled,if no need for your project.We are a making factory in marine furniture ,other size we can make it as well.
  • This table is not only a working tabble but also is a storage cabinet.A metal clothing storage cabinet and table can be something you want to get if you’re searching for a solution to keep your ship tidy. This furniture style is ideal for arranging your possessions and is well suit to boats or other vessels.
  • You may choose from a variety of marine storage cabinets. We also provide a variety of materials , including laminate , metal , aluminum and honeycomb.
  • These marine bed materials are ideal for environments in the sea .Additionally ,we may customize the marine storage to your exact space requirements or size preferences.
  • Our maritime storage cabinet is not only attractive but also simple to install. You may specify the color and size.

Material for SYCT-001

That material what we use is galvanized steel ,its rust protection and corrosion protection will be better .

It is with high quality outdoor powder coating finished,it is durable and looks beautiful.

  • Steel plate, also known as corrosion-resistant steel , is a type of steel that is corrosion and oxidation-resistant.

  • It is used in various applications where low maintenance and corrosion resistance are required, such as modern architecture , the food hygiene industry, and chemical and petrochemical plants. 

  • Different grades of  steel are available, and SANYON offers a variety of finishes, heat-resistant qualities , and accurate cutting and profiling services.

SANYON marine furniture in metal material-galvanized steel
SANYON galvanized steel
  • On the other hand , steel plates are used to provide temporary surfaces for traffic during road construction or repair work.
  • They come in various sizes and thicknesses, some featuring lifting devices and skid-resistant textures.
  • Factors such as panel size, thickness, load-bearing features, and transportation options should be considered when choosing steel plates. 
  • Eiffel Trading offers a variety of new and used steel products, including steel plates , as well as equipment options, on their online marketplace.

Features for metal chart table:


  • Metal, which is solid and simple to clean, is use to make this furniture. With four high legs fixed to the deck floor, they cannot move. Maintaining your table’s level and steadiness is easier with this little change.
  • You may extend the area of your table in contact with the ground by adding four tall legs to the corners. This cloth-covered metal table is intend for use in a ship or boat’s clean room.
  • A marine metal cabinet and table with dimensions of 900mm in width and 850mm in height might seem more contemporary and be sturdier.
What marine furniture dose SANYON make?

Because SANYON has two factories, one of which is a metal factory and the other a wooden factory. For customers, we may create furniture using metal and wood panels. The product’s key benefit is that it is produced specifically for the client. Any size and colour may be produced for various projects. We have around 15 years of expertise as a reputable maritime furniture company. We can build maritime furniture for you from metal, aluminum, laminate, or honeycomb material. A leading maker of marine furniture, SANYON focuses on producing beautiful, long-lasting furniture for boats and other marine vehicles.

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