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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine metal bunk bed with 4 drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with 4 drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with 4 drawers
SANYON Ship Metal Bunk Bed with Four Drawers-W2060 Length-H1650 Height-SYB-017
SANYON Ship Metal Bunk Bed with Four Drawers-W2060 Length-H1650 Height-SYB-017
  • This Metal Bunk Bed with Four Drawers is a fantastic option for storage and space-saving. For easy storage, it has four drawers—two on each side.
  • It looks excellent and is appealing due to its style and durability. These beds make the most of every square inch of space, making them ideal for compact bedrooms.
  • They also provide lots of storage for clothing, toys, and other items.
  • It has a key lock; however, different locks are also available. It may be ordered in your preferred color or grey and white.
  • The standard configurations are the ladder, drawer, lock, and aluminum handle.

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SYB-017 Ship furniture metal bunk bed with four drawrs from SANYON
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with 4 drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed with 4 drawers
  • The finest alternative for your home is a metal bunk bed with four drawers. It is quite sturdy and offers enough storage for your items.
  • It’s also incredibly simple to put up and take apart this bed. It is the ideal bed for your children and visitors.
  • You understand the value of a decent bunk bed if you have children. They are excellent for sleepovers and can help preserve space in compact bedrooms.
  • The ladder, drawers, and guardrail options for this bed are available. Has a handle and key lock on its drawers.
  • It is customizable in two different materials. Galvanized steel and aluminium are two alternatives.
  • You may select any RAL sample colour you like for it. Along with the standard sizes, we can create any size upon request from the client.
  • Custom products created to the client’s specifications are our primary competitive edge.
  • We can create it for you if you have any pictures or sketches.


  • However, locating a bunk bed with storage might not be easy. SANYON provides this Metal Bunk Bed with Four Drawers as a result.
  • SANYON is a reputable maritime furniture provider. Galvanized steel was used to create this ship’s bed. Second, metal typically has a 1.0mm thickness. Following that, the surface is powder coated.
  • Including four drawers—two on each side of the bed—is the primary feature that sets this bunk bed frame apart from similar ones.
  • You now have additional storage for clothing, blankets, and other goods. The bunk bed structure is likewise made of metal, giving it a very solid and long-lasting construction.
  • It measures W2050*D860*H1650mm in size. Unassembled packaging is readily available.
bunk bed

SYB-017 marine ship bunk bed’s advantages:

  • In order to have enough sapce to storage personal things.We have made 4 drawers bottom of bed.It is with lock as well,which is safe to storage.
  • There is ladder to up layer.and you can choose it at left or right.
  • At the top,it has guardrail as well,and can protect person not fail down.
  • Each layer of this bed are full assemble,then very easy to fix it.It is only need few minutes to assemble it.

More size details for SYB-017 metal bunk bed

ship bed

In fact,all of the bed size is according client’s request.

Such as including oversize, bunk bed frame steel tube and steel panel thickness ect.

We can also make bed size according the mattress size.

Becase of galvanized steel material what we used,has a strong structure,anti rust.

And surface finish is high quality outdoor powder coating finished, it is durable and looks beautiful.

Galvanization steel
RAL color sample

What furniture SANYON can offer it?

For more information about our furniture, get in touch with us. We provide a wide selection of furniture with personalized designs for our clients. As you are aware, all maritime field furnishings are made to order. You may send us designs or ideas, and we will also design them for you. SANYON has its manufacturing facility and design team. We have a complete line of furniture-making equipment, including laser cutting, powder coating, CNC cutting, and CNC folding. We provide sourcing services to our clients, assisting them in locating the furnishings they require in China as needed. We have a furniture supply chain in China and high-quality control for our clients.

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