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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Boat table
Boat table
Boat table
Boat table
Boat table
SANYON Marine Wooden Writing Table with Drawer for Cabin in Ship-L Shape-W1500 Length-SYT-008

1.Firstly the writing table is made from high quality plywood as base and surface is HPL in Formica brand.The edge is PVC banding.

2.And then normally the size is W1500/1500*D600*H750mm,other size can be manufacture according client’s request.

3.Then Back is white and wood grain for front panle,we can make any colors by different requirement .

4.Usually  the table is knock-down pakage with carton box,which is easy for installing.

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SYT-008 L-Shape writing table with drawers
Boat table
Boat table


  • At the firstly the boat writing table’s dimensions is  W1500/1500*L600*H750mm by default, may be altered to suit your needs.
  • And then the material made by plywood covered (Formica) hpl exterior;2mm PVC brink banding.the countertop’s thickness is 25mm; however, you may pick between 18mm and 25mm.
  • lastly the standard packaging is an assemble- with a carton-box, or knock-package if you want.
  • It is a Ideal Addition to a boat office.For several reasons ,if you ‘re searching for a new addition to your boat office ,the Marine Writing Table-L Shape is a great choice .
  • Furniture made of marine wood is not only attractive but also long-lasting. Whether the living room, bedroom,or office, this furniture style is ideal for any space in your boat. 
  • You can be sure that your furniture will last for many years because marine wood is very strong and resilient. The ideal way to do that is with a wooden marine desk or table. 
  • These pieces of furniture are perfect for use in any room of the house because they are made from wood that has been specially treated  to withstand the elements.
Boat table

Features of SYT-008 boat writing table:

1.The lock and key lock of the writing table for available in different locks, etc.
The lock/drawer arrangement is standard.
2.Wood grain color or your custom color  accepted.
3.An excellent addition to any house is the Marine Writing Table-L Shape.It is a lovely piece of furniture that combines functionality and style .

4.The table has a dark,deep finish and is built of solid wood .It works well as a dining table or a workstation for writing .
5.Because it is strong,has a great appearance, and provides massive space for storage items, the Marine Writing Table-L Shape is the finest option for your workplace.


Why choose SANYON this one boat writing table?

 The SANYON Writing Table-L Shape offers excellent value for the money. It has a lovely appearance and enough space for all your files and folders in the locker. An attractive and durable piece of furniture called a Writing Table-L Shape can store files and other office supplies. SANYON as a leading brand among companies that make wooden Writing Table-L Shape. Our durable products making from top-notch materials. We produce marine products with a great deal of experience and qualified engineers. Our products are renowned for their durability and chic designs. In addition to being incredibly durable, the table is also very simple to assemble.

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