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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

marinetime single wardrobe locker with jacket cabinet
marinetime single wardrobe locker with jacket cabinet
marinetime single wardrobe locker with jacket cabinet
marinetime single wardrobe locker with jacket cabinet
Marine wardrobe Single door SYW-003
  • Many factors contribute to the popularity of Marine Wardrobe Single Door. They are fashionable, functional, and a fantastic way to arrange clothes.
  • The widespread use of marine wardrobe single doors is due to various factors. They are incredibly adaptable, which is one of the reasons. The popularity of closet single doors may be attributed to their sleek, contemporary appearance, which is ideal for marine vessels.
  • The ideal solution to your storage needs is a marine wardrobe with single doors. Thanks to their stylish design and robust construction, these doors will free up space in your boat while keeping your belongings secure and organized. It comes in several colours and patterns to fit your decor and is also simple to use.

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Features of Aluminum single door wardrobe SYW-003

  • The Marine wardrobe is a brand-new kind of clothing ideal for those who enjoy the water and wish to keep their clothes and things dry when swimming or scuba diving.
  • For a stylish storage option for a ship or boat, consider a steel marine wardrobe. Anyone who enjoys being on the water will benefit significantly from the Single-Door Marine Wardrobe.
  • It fits modest areas perfectly and is both fashionable and efficient.
  • Your clothing will stay dry when you are in the water because of the waterproof material used to make this wardrobe.
  • Every marine must store their jackets according to the Marines’ standard wardrobe instructions.
  • Clothing, shoes, and other items belonging to sailors are kept in these wardrobes.
  • Inside the maritime wardrobe, additional shelves or drawers can be add.
  • In addition to a wide variety of colours, we also provide a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, marine plywood with laminate, and aluminum honeycomb.
  • Frequently seen in boats and ships, a maritime wardrobe is a storage cabinet. For the purpose of shielding the contents from the weather, it is often construct of durable materials like steel or aluminum and frequently includes a waterproof covering. 
  • A marine wardrobe with a single door is a multipurpose piece of furniture that serves uses other than those of a typical wardrobe. The storage of goods like extra clothing, bedding, and towels is standard in marine closets.
  • The single-door wardrobe serves to offer simple access to storage while occupying little room. A marine wardrobe is a storage option explicitly made for use in boats and other compact spaces.                                                                                             

Why choice aluminum material as marine wardrobe?

  • Choosing aluminum as a material for marine wardrobes can be beneficial due to its lightweight nature and strength, making it an ideal choice for marine applications.
  • Its natural corrosion-resistant properties and structural stability also make it a good option for withstanding harsh weather conditions.
  • When considering materials, it is important to take into account durability, aesthetics, construction quality, and ease of maintenance.
  • With its combination of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, aluminum can be a great option for a marine wardrobe.

Different kind of marine wardrobe?

There are various types of marine wardrobes available in the market.Our factory can customize mutil doors wardrobe,like double,triple,or more. They come in a range of colors and designs.We will offer RAL sample for you reference.Also can design your own logo. When it comes to the essential features of a wardrobe, firm strength is crucial. Marine plywood, which is made of either softwood or hardwood, is commonly used due to its durability. One particular marine wardrobe has a three-point closure and lock with a handle type “T”. It is equipped with a shelf, stick, coat root, and coat hooks.


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