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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine honeycomb storage locker for ship and boat with IMO MED DNV certification
SANYON marine honeycomb storage locker for ship and boat with IMO MED DNV certification
SANYON marine honeycomb storage locker for ship and boat with IMO MED DNV certification
Marine Wardrobe Locker-Single Column
  • Lock, key lock, and different locks are available, etc.
  • Lock, shelf, hanging rob, and handle are the standard configurations
  • Colour and wood grain may be manufactured to order in any color.
  • You can stay organized and discover items more quickly with a well-arranged locker. Your things will be protected in a maritime wardrobe locker while you are at sea.
  • Marine wardrobe lockers were created to keep your possessions safe and dry while you are on the sea. They include a range of compartments and shelves to suit your needs and are composed of sturdy materials.
  • Keeping your possessions secure and organized is easy with marine wardrobe lockers when you are having fun on the water.

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Features of Marine Wardrobe Locker:

  • The Marine Wardrobe Locker has a single column and is compose of plywood panel (Formica) with an HPL surface, 2 mm PVC edge banding, and an 18 mm (18-25 mm) thickness range. 
  • Its standard dimension is W600*L500*H2000mm. However, it is possible to have it customize to your specifications. The conventional carton box-assembled packaging or a knock-down package as needed;
  • Aluminium makes the wardrobe’s handle.
  • It is possible to employ laminate with a core of marine plywood or aluminium honeycomb. Although the closet and locker in the image have two doors, you may also use one.
  • While the aluminium honeycomb core is more expensive than marine wood,it is lighter and is typically use in high-demand vessels like cruise ships.Visit our website at www.marinefurnitures.com for additional information,or email us at sales@marinefurnitures.com.
  • A marine wardrobe locker is a fantastic option for keeping your clothing well-arranged and presentable. These are terrific methods to store everything in one place and look beautiful. Some of the advantages of these lockers are shown below.
  • Keeping your possessions dry and safe while you’re on the water is easy with the Marine Wardrobe Locker. This locker is perfect for storing everything from clothes to fishing gear because it has a roomy interior and many sections.
  • Any boater can benefit significantly from the Marine Wardrobe Locker as a storage option. It is build to endure the challenging conditions of the sea environment and is compose of sturdy marine-grade materials. All the required gear is include and very simple to install.


About us:

Storage and managing your gear are accessible with the SANYON Marine Wardrobe Locker. This locker includes a cover and a hard powder-coated finish for the protection and security of your tools. It is make of heavy steel and powder covering to stop erosion and weathering. We are the most excellent manufacturer because our Marine Wardrobe Lockers are of the finest caliber and craftsmanship. We always use the best materials to build our durable packages. We are experts in the field of wardrobe manufacturing. Thus our wardrobes are always made to the greatest standards. Now organize so that tomorrow may be set up.

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