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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

marine-furniture-file-cabinet 0001-2
marine-furniture-file-cabinet 0001-2
SANYON marine wooden file storage cabinet with glass door
SANYON marine wooden file storage cabinet with glass door
SANYON marine wooden file storage cabinet with glass door
SANYON Marine Use Wooden File Cabinet With Glass Door In Laminate-W900 Length-SYMSL-002
  • Because it makes it easier to manage their papers and stay organized, Marines utilize file cabinets with glass doors. They may also view the cabinet’s contents without having to open them.
  • This wooden file cabinet can use boats, ships offshore, and other vessels. It is made of laminate that passed the IMO test. It also features Tempered Glass for the doors.
  • Waterproof plywood was utilized inside the lamination. It is well-designed for maritime or offshore applications. Aluminum or stainless steel are available as material choices. There may be a choice of colors.
  • We also accept custom designs, which come in standard sizes of W900*D450*H1800mm.

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Marine File Cabinet

marine-furniture-file-cabinet 0001-2
SANYON marine wooden file storage cabinet with glass door

Specification of SYMSL-002 file cabinet:

SIZE: 450mmD X 900mmW X 1800mmH
SANYON marine wooden file storage cabinet with glass door


Normally,sailer needs working on ship at office room.At this time,they not only need working table but also need file storage cabinet.

SYMSL-002 offer enough space to storage.The file cabinet is double tier.upper one is glass door,and lower one is wooden door.All of them have shelf inner door.

1.Materia:high quality plywood as base and lamiante surface finish.The wooden plate is in PVC edge banding.

2.Thickness of wooden plate is standard one,which is 18mm thick.

3.Glass door is temperate glass,which is very sage for user.

4.dimension of  the cabinet is W900*D450*H1800mm,others are available as well.

Material for file cabinet:

Plywood and HPL

Usually the thickness of  plywood is 18mm thick.If client wanna reduce cost,it can be used 16 thick.Plywood as base and HPL surface finish,normally ths HPL use Formica brand.

As for the color,any color can choose from Formica color sample.

SANYON marine wooden furniture in PVC edge banding
plywood and laminate surface

PVC banding

2mm PVC banding is the same color as HPL

PVC edge banding has several advantages for wooden furniture. One advantage is its durability, as it is incredibly resistant to impact and moisture.Another advantage is its versatility,as it can be painted or lacquered to match the color and finish of the furniture. Additionally ,PVC edge banding is easy to apply and has a long lifespan, making it popular for modular furniture. Overall, PVC edge banding can greatly improve the strength and appearance of wooden furniture .

More features:

  • A particular cabinet style called a “Marine Use File Cabinet with Glass Doors” is intended for use in boats and other marine vehicles.
  • To endure the extreme circumstances present in maritime areas, this cabinet is often constructed from marine-grade materials, such as aluminum.
  • Glass-door file cabinets are perfect for use aboard ships because they offer a clear view of the contents while shielding the documents from the weather.
  • Additionally, the cabinets are simple to maintain and clean, which makes them a fantastic option for a maritime setting. Marine file cabinets come in various designs and dimensions to meet any requirement.
  • This file cabinet, file storage, is used for marine, boat, ship, and vessel applications, and the size may be customized per the client’s needs. The hue of the laminated Formica is your choice.
  • It is built of wood, such as marine plywood, with metal or aluminum as an alternative material.
  • Option from Formica colour swatches, wooded grain.
  • This file cabinet is suitable for use on a ship, boat, or offshore because it is built of laminated plywood. It is a classic piece of marine furniture used for filing.
  • If the product is intended for a vessel, we advise the customer to switch to aluminum or honeycomb to reduce weight.
  • A file cabinet may be built very well using laminated plywood. It offers a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and is sturdy and long-lasting. Laminated plywood is also moisture and humidity-resistant, making it an excellent file cabinet material.


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