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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

pullman bed
pullman bed
pullman bed factory
pullman bed China factory
SANYON Marine Steel Wall Mounted Pullman Bed With Mattress in W2080 Width-SYPMB-004
  • If you only have a small amount of room on ship , a wall-mounted Pullman bed is the best option.
  • This kind of bed works beautifully for smaller or even bigger rooms where you wish to add an extra bed for visitors .
  • It is constructed of aluminum or other metal , and the customer can pick the color from RAL colour sample and choose the size of the item as per their specifications .
  • One of the important furniture elements in Marine’s life is the wall-mounted Pullman bed . It is also a fantastic technique for maintaining cleanliness and organization in your house.

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The drawing of Pullman bed

Pullman bed /cabin Bed

  • The Pullman bed, sometimes known as a berth , is a bed that is made specially to fit in small areas, such as the cabin of a ship.
  • It is simple to install and ideal for confined spaces like tiny rooms. The Pullman bed offers a nice resting surface even when it is positioned against a wall or inside a closet.
  • This Pullman Bed is a sleeping arrangement that maintains the person in a cozy and peaceful posture while asleep . Aluminum or metal is a material used for its making.
  • It is simple to set up to operate and can be adjusted to accommodate various body types . Any wall can be used to attach the bed .
  • Marine Matrress Size: W 800 mm x L 2000 mm x H 150mm .
  • Colors: A range of RAL color samples are available .
  • Our mattresses is optional that you can choose which you like .And the mattress with IMO TEST report.
  • The weight of this metal bunk bed is 38-55kgs.
  • Option from Formica colour samples or wooded grain. A lock is an optional feature only used when the owner needs it to make the bed more secure .
  • As a manufacturer of metal and hardwood maritime furniture in China , SANYON has more than 15 years of experience in China with aluminum and steel Pullman beds.
  • We provided our furniture on ships, boats, cruise ships, yachts, and offshore. Our primary bespoke work is for ship interiors , crafts, offshore interiors, and cruise interiors, among other things.
  • For our beds , we can additionally provide an IMO test mattress .
ROUND CORNER DETAILS OF aluminum pullman bed
pullman bed with mattress


The history of Pullman bed

In 1858 the founder, George Mortimer Pullman from the State of New York, put his wish into action to let travelers have the ultimate resting experience. In those days, a journey through the United States often required a couple of days by train.

George Pullman designed train wagons with the highest possible level of comfort. Named the Pullman compartment. Measured against the steamboat cabins the Pullman compartment was a    totally new level of luxury.



A.What is pullman bed ?

It is a bed that pull down from the wall and can folding when no need use it.Normaly it is have a lower bed under the folding bed in cruise ship room or cabin room

B.Why customers like use these bed in they cabin room?

As you know,the ship space is very limited.In order to can sleep more guests when need,then add a metal  or aluminum pullman bed at the wall.

Just need to pull out then can sleep one more guests. It is can be folding when no sleep,can making the space looks big when day.

Pullman beds can be found on most mainstream ships, but the configurations vary by vessel now.

A Pullman bed is simply an extra bed in a ship’s cabin tucked away in a wall . These beds allow the maximum number of people to share a cabin while using up the least amount of space possible.

C.What’s different between our metal and alumium pullman bed?

1.Weight: Metal is about 55kg , but aluminum is about 38kg.

2.Custom size: metal pullman bed more easy custom size,but aluminum one will be need more quantity to custom size.

3.Anti rust: Aluminum no rust problem,but steel one we use the gavanized steel, it is also not easy rust too.

4.Colors:Both can choose a custom color when your quantity is more than 10pcs.

D. What’s packing of our pullman bed?

We suggest our customer ship them from China buy container.If the quantity small have to LCL,we suggest our customer choose wooden packing for it.

The aluminum material bed is bigger round corner than the metal one.

E.How many KG can loading?

We tested our strcture,it is can loading about 200kgs each bed。We dont suggest no more than 7 years old chidren or more weight 150 kgs adult use it.

F.How to fix it?

Please contact us for fixing way,we can show you more details for it .

As a professinal marine furnitures factory in China,we can offer many different solutions of the furnitures.


To help our clients outperform their rivals,the SANYON firm manufactures furniture of higher quality at lower costs . For several nations , we can offer a variety of maritime furniture goods. They are all made in our factories.We have strong relationships in China so that we can provide our customers with a wide range of Chinese-made furniture. A chain is also available for any other type of maritime furniture we don ‘t manufacture.Two factories make maritime furniture. One produces steel , aluminum, and stainless-steel furniture. The other produces wooden and honeycomb furniture. All of them are made in our factories. We have strong connections in China to ensure that we can supply our customers with a variety of Chinese-made furniture.Our products are available worldwide.

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