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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

marine honeycomb boat table and desk with IMO material test report
marine honeycomb boat table and desk with IMO material test report
boat table
boat table
boat table
SANYON Marine Furniture Plywood Boat Writing Table with Drawers-H750mm Height-SYT-005


  • A kind of plywood called marine plywood is intended for usage in moist or humid environments. It is commonly used in boats and other watercraft buildings since it is constructed using waterproof adhesive.
  • A fundamental requirement for wooden furniture is marine plywood, and our marine plywood met these requirements by passing the BS standard.
  • It may be used for outdoor furniture, and other applications where moisture resistance is crucial since it is quite strong has a great appearance and is simple to assemble.
  • Our laminate also met the standard marine requirements for wooden marine furniture.
  • It has an 18 and 25mm thicknesses of table base. They are attractive, strong, and simple to maintain.

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Double Drawers Laminate Boat Table

  • Marine plywood is a fantastic choice if you want a solid, dependable desk that will endure for years. It won’t distort or swell with time since it is both water- and fire-resistant.
  • Marine plywood is ideal for a writing desk that will frequently use since it is also highly sturdy and solid.
  • The finest material for your writing desk is marine plywood because of its resistance to moisture, stability, and longevity. Thin layers of wood are combined with a water-resistant adhesive to create marine plywood.
  • The finest desk ever is this one. It is composed of marine plywood, which is more rigid and more resilient than conventional plywood and can, therefore, unquestionably survive any wear and strain.
  • It also has a stunning appearance. The wood grain is breathtaking, and the finish is incredibly flawless.


  • We created a fastening angle at the furniture’s base to secure the writing desk to the deck floor. It is the perfect material for a writing desk because of its strength and long-lasting reputation.
  • These lockable drawers are a perfect option whether you want to safeguard your valuables or keep your belongings tidy.
  • Two tiny, lockable drawers are available for storing certain personal items. They can also turn off the locks if necessary.
  • This desk has a 600-width dimension, but it may also be made to order.
  • They are the ideal addition and may now lock up and keep your valuables close at hand.
  • W750*D600*H750mm is the exact size of this writing desk.


SYT-005-technical drawing

SYT-005-more information




Writing desks made of plywood may be purchased from SANYON with confidence. Our goods are of excellent quality, and we charge reasonable pricing. We provide exceptional customer service and quick deliveries. Any workstation will benefit from the SANYON Plywood Writing Desk. The desk is composed of high-quality materials and has a sleek, modern style that complements any environment. The writing desk is excellent value for your money because it is also relatively inexpensive. It’s a basic, functional desk that serves its purpose. Although it is the most fashionable desk available, it is also valuable and well-made. We also provide a customizable service through which consumers can acquire desks customized to their needs.

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