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Marine Metal Wardrobe Locker-Single and Double Door

Marine Metal Wardrobe Locker-Single and Double Door

  • Lock and key locks can be replaced with other locks, etc.
  • Lock, shelf, hanging rob, and vent hole layout are standard.
  • Perfect for your recreational activities is the Marine Metal Wardrobe Locker Double Door. Your valuables will be kept dry and safe since it is constructed with high-quality materials that can endure the weather.
  • There is plenty of room to store your belongings behind the two doors of this locker. It also has a shelf and a hanging rod for organizing your belongings.
  • A beige hue or your custom color may be manufactured.
  • While at sea, a wardrobe locker made of marine-grade metal might be a fantastic way to keep your clothing and belongings secure.

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More Information

• These heavy-duty steel lockers are built to resist the challenging maritime environment. Rust-resistant, powder-coated, high-quality galvanized steel (SECC) makes up the material.
Before coating, the steel board is 1.0 mm thick. The range is from 1.0 to 2.0mm. The Marine Metal Wardrobe is designed to give you a safe location to keep your possessions while you are at sea. No matter the weather outside, the waterproof, heavy-duty steel construction of the locker will keep your possessions dry and safe.

• Marine metal wardrobe lockers are designed to give you a safe and secure solution for storing your possessions while you are on the water. These lockers are ideal for keeping clothing, towels, and other personal goods that you want to stay dry and out of the weather.
• Typical dimensions are W380*L500*H2000mm. However, they may be altered to meet your needs;
• Conventional carton box assembly or knock-down packaging as needed. This metal comprises numerous metals, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. We can make things just for your ship’s cabin or unique ideas.
• For your storage requirements, the marine metal wardrobe Locker Double Door and single is a fantastic choice. This locker is ideal for keeping your possessions in a secure location.
• When you’re out on the water, the marine metal wardrobe locker with a double door is a terrific way to keep your possessions secure and dry.
• This heavy-duty locker has two doors for added weather protection and is built of durable materials. It’s ideal for keeping your fishing equipment, life vests, and other necessary goods.

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