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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine single bed under pullman bed with dousble drawers
SANYON marine single bed under pullman bed with dousble drawers
SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers
SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers
SANYON Marine Steel Low Single Bed for Cruise Pullman Bed Room-2060Length-SYB-023
  • The metal single bed is a great choice for cruise ship bedroom.
  • It is fantastic galvanized steel in 1.0mm thickness,which is more anti-rust than normally cold roller steel plate.So that is a better option for marine furniture.
  • The bed surface is made in high quality powder coating,that not only making bed better anti-rust,but also bed is beautiful.
  • Marine steel is one of material that is perfect for a bed frame.Because of its strength and resistance to corrosion withstand the shock of the sea.A single bed is made of marine steel will be exceptionally strong and able to support the weight of an adult.
  • It has two drawers and composed of galvanized steel finished with high quality powder coating.
  • This low bed of metal steel material can be converted into another material aluminum.It more anti rust than metal and th elifespan will more longer.

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SANYON SYB-023 metal marine low single bed for pullman bed room

SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers
SANYON marine furniture metal single bed with drawers


  • Marine single steel bed is a nice choice for staff to sleeping.Marine steel single bed is an excellent option for those who looking for a strong and long-lasting bed.
  • It is built of high-quality galvanized steel,has a powder-coated surface finish and is rust-resistant.
  • Metal bed steel plate normally we use thickness of 1.0mm,but also you can pick up thickness between 0.7 and 2.5mm.
  • Its dimension is W2060*D860*H450mm, which are indeed those the customer requested. Its drawer handles are “S” shapes. Packing: carton box and knock-down.
  • There are still two options for material first. One is compose of metal, while the other is of laminate.
  • You can choose colors from RAL color samples and we will make them for you. After all, we can make any size for you as well since the client’s request determines the size.
  • This metal single bed is only suitable for sitting down,even with a mattress.When the foundation is flat,you may install the bed frame on it after adjusting the height of the bed’s feet.
  • Two drawers that self-close on a slide are include with this low bed. The finish is powder coate, which is effective in preventing corrosion, and the material is entirely SECC steel.
  • This bed can be used in any climate.And maintenance and cleaning are very simple.When you not need it,you can use as a sofa.

More size details for SYB-023 metal marine single bed with drawers:

The bed’s height including the mattress is good for siting down .The bed base with height adjustable feet,You can adjust the base flat,then fix the bed frame on it .

This low bed including two drawers which selfback close slide.The material is all SECC steel with powder coating and be good at anti rust of this finish.

single bed
  • The material we use is good quality galvanized steel,it is anti-rust.

  • The surface finish is powder coating,which make product to be beautiful and good quality.

galvanized steel material for marine furniture
RAL color sample

About us:

We view situations from the perspective for our clients.Every step of the way, every time,we make every effort to make doing business with us simple and straightforward.Marine steel single beds have grown steadily more widespread as the shipbuilding industry has developed.Marine steel single beds are used extensively in the building of ships.Due to its advantages of simple structure, stable and easy to maintain.SANYON takes pleasure in creating stylish furniture of the highest caliber.That is how we establish connections with the people we help.We take pleasure in creating furniture that is both stylish and of the highest caliber.

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