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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Single bed
SANYON marine wooden single bed in laminate surface
single bed
SANYON Panel Furniture Marine Laminate Single Bed with Double Drawers-2050mm Length-SYB-027
  • Surface :finishes of plywood and laminate (Formica).
  • Lock: key lock or different locks are available , etc.
  • Lock, handle,and drawer are the usual configurations.
  • Wood grain or custom color of your choice .
  • Marine furniture must consistently meet specific marine standard certification requirements when used on a ship .
  • The marine laminate bed is the greatest option for sleeping soundly. Your neck and back will be supported ,and it will be cozy. The marine laminate bed is built of solid materials and is very simple to clean . 
  • The ship owner always has confidence in Formica laminate if it is used for wooden marine furniture ,because the laminate has passed these tests.
  • Marine furniture is constantly on the water , after all. We must choose plywood that has received maritime certification since the climate is the dam.

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Marine laminate single bed
SANYON marine wooden single bed in laminate surface
SANYON marine wooden single bed in laminate surface


  • Firstly ,the laminate bed is made by plywood and laminate surface .The typical wood thickness is 18 mm , but you can also pick between 18 to 25 mm .
  • Then the dimension is  W2050*D890*H450/950mm.If you have any request on size,it can be made follow you as well.
  • In reality , we often adjust our product size to meet customer needs.
  • Packaging of carton box with knock-down.This marine single bed ‘s construction combines Formica laminated waterproof plywood.
  • This maritime bed has a wood grain on the exterior and a white laminate interior to help the buyer save some money.
  • One type of maritime furniture or ship furniture is this single marine bed.
  • Our marine bed is ideal for ships or other boats . Several types of marine beds are accessible , including single marine beds, bunk beds and basic beds.
  • We also provide a variety of materials , including laminate, metal, aluminium and honeycomb. These marine bed materials are ideal for environments in the sea. 
  • Additionally, we may customize the marine bed to fit your unique needs or the size of your room. Not only is our sea bed attractive, but installation is also simple. You may specify the colour and size if you like.
  • First , the material is constructed with a Formica laminate surface treatment over a high-quality plywood basis . Regarding the edge, it has a 2 mm PVC banding . Edge can, of course, also be a solid banding .
single bed
  • For this marine single bed,it is made of waterproof plywood with Fomica laminate.The outside of this marine bed with wooden grain,the inside is white laminate so that save some cost for customer.
  • You can find this marine furniture wooden bunk bed video from our Youtube https://www.youtube.com/shorts/b9170nk1o34 , or facebook.


SYB-027-technical drawing

SYB-027-more information




Why is there need to have laminate in Formica marine furniture? 

Marine furniture which is always will be need pass some marine standard certification when they using for ship .

Formica laminate passed these tests and always the ship owner trust it if use a formica laminate for the wooden marine furnitures .

Is there any request on plywood for marine furniture?

Yes .After all marine furnitures always on sea.Because of the enviroment is humid ,then we must to use a plywood which passed the marine certifycation . 

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