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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Marine furniture Bed book shelf MRBS-001
Marine furniture Bed book shelf MRBS-001
  • Metal powder-coated bed bookshelf built for marine furniture comes in bespoke sizes.
  • The material used in bed bookshelf is powder-coated steel or aluminum.
  • 1.5 mm in thickness before powder coating.
  • A special kind of furniture called marine furniture is intended for usage in aquatic settings.
  • The materials used to make marine furniture are frequently resistant to UV radiation, seawater, and other conditions that might harm or deteriorate regular furniture.
  • A front rod to prevent books from falling over.
  • Several hues are available, including white, beige, grey, etc.
  • Galvanized steel or stainless steel are additional professional, anti-rust options and suitable for offshore usage.

More Information

  • Keep your books neatly arranged and within reach with the Marine Furniture Bed Book Shelf. Its sleek style would go well with any bedroom decor. This elegant and useful piece of furniture. It is the ideal spot to store your favourite books because of the strong design and large shelf, and the integrated drawer offers additional space for other goods.
  • A style of furniture known as marine furniture is intended for usage in maritime conditions. This furniture is frequently manufactured from weather-resistant materials like aluminium or stainless steel and is usually created to be sturdy and simple to clean.
  • Usually, it is constructed of weather-resistant materials like teak, stainless steel, or aluminium. Marine furniture is frequently utilized on boats and other watercraft, as well as in coastal residences and establishments.
  • If you enjoy spending time on your boat, you know how expensive storage can be. Installing a bed bookshelf is one inventive solution to increase storage and make a special place. The ideal location for storing books, periodicals, and other goods you wish to have nearby when lounging on your yacht is a shelf of this sort.
  • The Marine Bed Book Shelf is ideal for keeping your books organized and handy. This strong shelf has a sleek, minimalist appearance that will go with any decor and is composed of sturdy materials. Books of different sizes may easily fit on the shelf, and the raised lip protects anything from tumbling off.
  • Your books will be kept in order and within easy reach if you install the bookshelf under your bed. Finding a place to store all of your books is one of the difficulties of reading, as any book lover will attest.

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