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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine single bed for cruise
single bed
single bed
SANYON marine single bed for cruise
SANYON Cruise Furniture Aluminum Single Bed with Drawers and Door-1968Width-SYB-019
  • It is made up of an aluminum substance.
  • Lock: key lock; different locks are available, etc.
  • Lock, aluminum handle, and drawer are the standard configurations.
  • Colour options include custom colours or grey.
  • As a result, there won’t be as much room for weaponry. Speed is crucial for cruises. Therefore, the best option for cruise furniture is aluminum furniture.
  • Strong, lightweight, and anti-rust, aluminum possesses these qualities. For manufacturing cruise furniture, it is hence excellent.
  • Aluminum alloy marine furniture is undoubtedly an excellent option for a cruise ship or yacht that has to be lightweight.
  • Those looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced bed should strongly consider the Cruise Furniture Aluminum Single Bed with Drawers.

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SANYON Cruise Furniture SYB-019 Aluminum Single Bed with Drawers and Door
single bed
single bed


1.Material:high quality galvanized steel,or aluminum.Surface is in powder coating in colorful.

2.Thickness:normally is galvanized steel in 1.0,and aluminum is in 1.2mm.Maybe you can choose 0.7~2.5mm.

3.Size:W1968*D768*H570mm,we can make any size according different project request as well.

4.Packing:With carton box in knock-down package.


  • The primary component of this single bed is aluminium. The thickness of aluminium is typically 1.2 mm.
  • Powder coating is used to polish the surface after that. Size of marine furniture Aluminum bed W1968*D768*H450/570mm, also available in bespoke sizes. Regarding colour: beige, white, etc.
  • This single bed has one door and two drawers. They all have handles and key locks. A carton box is used for knock-down packaging.
  • All of the metal panel used to make this bed was cut, welded, folded, and then powder coated. The weight of the aluminium bed is relatively low—just half that of the steel bed. It works well for boat or ship beds. Additionally, we can produce any cruise furniture per the client’s need.
single bed
  • There are two other options of material: one is laminate, and the other is metal (galvanized steel). We have adjusted our size to meet customer demand.
  • Choose a colour from the RAL colour samples. We can make you anyone you desire. Drawers: Normally, there are two drawers, but if you don’t need them, you may remove one.
  • Because we utilized high-quality aluminium plates, the entire bed is light and rust-resistant. It is finished with an outdoor powder coating to create a beautiful and high-quality surface.
  • This bed has an elegant finish on a strong aluminium frame. Drawers are built inside the bed for easy storage. A slat system that supports a mattress is also included.

Further size details for SYB-019 SANYON cruise aluminum single bed

 After all,our mainly advantage product is custom amde according client’s request.

This one single bed size is from client’s request as well.

single bed

What material we used is high quality aluminum plate,so the whole bed is light and antirust.

As for surface is Out-door powder coated surface finish,in order to make beautiful and good quality.

SANYON marine aluminum writing table for ship cabin working furniture
RAL color sample

Why cruise need aluminum bed?

It is because speed is very important for cruise,and will be need more space for weapons.Then the aluminum furnitures are best choice for cruise furnitures.

The aluminum has a strong structure,and light weight,anti rust.So It is very good for making a furniture for cruise.

Of course,if a cruise ship,or yacht need light weight,aluminum alloy marine furnitures also a good choose.

What furniture SANYON can offer it?

SANYON provide consumers with top-notch products that meet their demands. A customer care representative will promptly answer any inquiries concerning our goods. This bed has a sophisticated appearance and is ideal for marine creatures and boaters. Make them feel special by using your creativity. We view problems from the standpoint of our customers. We go to great lengths to make doing business with us effortless and natural. We like making furniture that is of excellent quality and never goes out of style. That is how we establish relationships with the folks we help. You can visit our website and purchase them to receive their advantages. You may get a low aluminum bed straight from our website!

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