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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

cruise ship pullman bed AL01
cruise ship pullman bed AL01
cruise ship pullman bed AL02
pullman bed with mattress
SANYON Marine Furniture Aluminum Pullman Bed for Cruise Ship Cabin Room- 2080Width-SYPMB-002
  • It varies in thickness from 1.5 to 5 mm depending on location to bear goods weight and construction.
  • The pullman bed constructure is composed of powder-coated metal.For those seeking a sturdy yet lightweight solution,aluminium bed frames are a fantastic choice.
  • The hanging arm is made of steel for robust demands, and powder coating offers a stunning appearance that is also very resistant to rust and scratches.
  • A form of painting known as powder coating is baked into the metal to provide a long-lasting,flawless surface.This mix of materials results in a bed frame that is both fashionable,solid and serviceable.
  • We provide a routine dimensions for maritime mattress that demension is W800*D2000*H150mm,if you need other size is ok.

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Cruise ship pullman bed

Marine steel pullman bed for cruise ship


  • Cruise ship galvanized steel pullman bed for cabin room.
  • Typically, these beds may be seen in cruise ship rooms. 
  • The wall pullman bed is generally hung at a height of about 1.5 meters.The below is a stretch ladder and it have regulating effect.
  • If you need a double bunk bed,this folding pullman bed is a good choice.
  • In addition, it can also be configured with mattresses. This device is ideal for those with back problems since it provides greater support for your back and spine.
  • For our customers,SANYON has a wide range of other furnitures solutions.At the sametime,we provide a series of personal service for customers.


Marine steel pullman bed for cruise ship

Details of cruise ship pullman bed:

  • We show the dimensions like depth,length and height.They are essential for bunk beds that have been pushed together in order to create an optimum-size pullman bed.
  • It will be necessary to calculate the ladder size based on the wall’s height.We provide custom ladder manufacturing.
  • There is no clear-cut response to this query since the size of the ladder you want will depend on the particular bed and ship configuration. A decent rule of thumb is picking a ladder at least two feet taller than the bed’s highest point. Ladders in our inventory are typically 1450mm long by 400mm wide.
  • Any size you can customized,we can make them for you.

The material of this marine bed have two kind options

SANYON marine furniture in metal material-galvanized steel
  • Galvanization steel

SANYON marine aluminum writing table for ship cabin working furniture
  • Aluminum Alloy

What are differents between land furnitures and marine furnitures?

Because of the ship structure different,the marine furnitures have many different requests with land furnitures.The furnitures sizes,structures,material,designs are special requests.

Then Our cruise ship pullman beds have to satify these requests of marine furnitures standard requests:


In order to furnitures not swing on ship,they will be need fix to wall and floor.At the same time All drawers will be need soft close slide and lockable。

All doors will be need Magnetic attraction,so that wont open even the seaman didnt close it.

2. Fireproof

The ship cabin room have a very strict fireproof rules.All furnitures have to using fireproof or anti-fire material .

Our bed using steel or aluminum as basic material,The finish is powdercoating.

At the same time the fabric and foam also will be need pass IMO TEST too.

3.Space design

As you know,the ship cabin room is very limit,Then our furnitures will be designed be good of storage and easy using.One cabin room will be need including ,sleeping,writing,clothes storage,siting,storage etc.It is have a very high requests on furnitures design and space design so that have a good life situation in a limited room.

The ship designer will be need a professional marine furnitures company work with them.

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1. Where are the cruise pullman bed production countries?

For this bed,have few countries produce them,Poland,Finland,Korea ,Gemany and China.And China marine furniture supplier have many years for this kind bed yet.

Because of the labour cost growing in Europe and Korea,it is making the cost higher than China supplier now.

If want a cheap price,You can try to find some Chinese supplier who can making it.

The quality of Chinese products become better compare 10 years ago.

2.How to making sure you can get a right products?

You can choose a chinese supplier who can offer a drawing design,like SANYON. You can requests cruise ship pullman bed China supplier offer a full drawing of it .

The drawing including the size, fixing holes,color etc,then sign it. After confirmed the drawing,The supplier offer  3D pictures show you what’s will be look like.

Then all of these finished, you can making a sample to check whether what’s you need.When you get the video of the  sample,you will be see what’s need to change or everything is ok.

But the most important is find a right china manufacturer who professional,reliable,and trustable,and can solve your problem when mistake happen.

3.How long will be taken to produce cruise pullman bed?

The time will be different according the order quantity and material requests. For example, 100pcs steel beds, it is will be need about 4 weeks.

If change to aluminum bed,it is will be cost about 5-6 weeks.But please confirm this with supplier when you place a order. The time will be different according the factory busy or not.

4.What’s of the MAX weight for each bed can bear?

 Our bed arms are composed of folded 8mm steel with custom mechanisms. It has excellent strength. If you need a bed that can support a lot of weight, the SANYON Pullman bed is a fantastic option. It is ideal for individuals who want additional assistance because it has a weight capability of 250 kg. The bed is a terrific option for individuals who wish to get a good night’s sleep because it is also incredibly comfy. However, it has a different MAX, depending on where the cabin wall is fixed. We don’t advise those weighing more than 150 kg to use this bed. Visit our Facebook and YouTube pages for additional information.

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