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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine single bed for cruise/ship
single bed
SANYON Marine Furniture Aluminum Low Single Bed with Drawers In W1968mm- SYB-019
  • This one low single be is made from metal material,it can be in aluminum or galvanized steel.It according your need.
  • The thickness of metal panle normally is 1.0mm for marine furniture.And you  can choose from 0.7mm to 2.5mm,as needed.
  • Standardly the surface of bed is powder coating.Not only galvanized steel but also aluminum.It can be colorful after powdering.
  • The single bed size is W1968*D768*H570mm,can be custom made follow your project need.

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Metal Low Single Bed with Drawers and Doors

SANYON marine low single bed with drawers and doors
SANYON marine low single bed with drawers and doors

Specification of SYB-019 low single bed for cruise/ship:

1.Material:metal panel,one is galvanized steel,another one is aluminum for you choose according different project request.

2.Both of steel plate thickness is 1.0mm. The surface are make in powder coating to make the bed colorful and bright.

3.Size:Normally size W1968*D768*H570mm,of course the size can be custom.

3.Color:Beige,other colors can be choose form RAL color sample.


  • Because it is lightweight , strong and corrosion-resistant .  Low beds are made of aluminum material.It is simple to keep cleaning and maintainace.
  • Giving a sleek , contemporary appearance that works well with any boat. Furthermore , they are simple to maintain and clean. Aluminum low beds may be utilized for many things, such as towing boats, moving construction supplies, and lifting big cargo.
  • They are perfect for use on boats and other watercraft since they are lightweight , corrosion-resistant, and have a low center of gravity. Low beds made of aluminum are extremely simple to move, transport, and disassemble for storage.
  • SANYON is one of the creation for producing low beds.There are made of lightweight aluminum material for marine transportation. The effective movement of these items is crucial to maintaining trade’s smooth flow. Seaborne cargo transportation is an important component of the global economic.
  • Due to their resistance to corrosion, aluminum low-bed trailers are an excellent option for marine applications. These caravans are simpler to pull and move in confined locations since they weigh less than their steel equivalents.
single bed
About us:

SANYON marine furnitures provides customers with high quality products that meet their needs . We will promptly resolve any questions about our products after saling. The design of this bed is simple and generous, which is perfect for the crew to rest. We look at the problem from the consumer ‘s point of view and strictly control every production link. We take pleasure in creating high quality and timeless furniture. That’s how we do business.  Low aluminum beds can be ordered from our website

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