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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine aluminum file or medicine storage cabinet
SANYON marine aluminum file or medicine storage cabinet
SANYON marine aluminum file or medicine storage cabinet
SANYON Marine Furniture Aluminium Medicine or Filing Storage Cabinet With Drawers-SYMSL-002
  • For a well-organized workstation, aluminum file cabinets are essential. They may increase your productivity while maintaining your office’s cleanliness and organization on a ship.
  • The cabinet is made from aluminum and in powder coating for 1.2mm thick.
  • different size request is available,standardly is W1200*D500*H1890mm.
  • These furnishings are crucial for your business since they give it a contemporary appearance that is both long-lasting and elegant.
  • They are ideal for maintaining the security of your papers and arranging your working space.
  • It has a key lock as standard, but users may also select a digital lock, electronic lock, etc. It is offered in grey and white or may be customized to order in any color.
  • Lock, aluminum handle, shelf, and drawer are the standard configurations.

More Information

  • An item of furniture called “aluminum file cabinet” is used to organize essential documents. For increased storage capacity, it often features several drawers.

  • Since they have a clean, contemporary appearance, aluminum file cabinets are frequently chosen. Additionally, they are select for their robustness and corrosion resistance.

  • For a variety of reasons, these file cabinets are well-liked by office workers. They provide an excellent method to organize documents and are attractive and robust.

  • As a crucial element of workplace equipment, aluminum file cabinets are frequently disregard. But they’re an excellent choice for both aesthetics and functionality thanks to their streamlined form and capacity to go in with most workplace furnishings.

  • It should be simple to discover one of them that meets your demands because they can customized.

  • This aluminum file cabinet surface is finish with a powder coating and is compose of a high-quality aluminum board.

  • It has a thickness from 1.0mm to 2.0 mm or around 1.5 mm before coating.

  • The dimension is W970*D450*H1750mm.It’s typical size. However, it also can customize to meet your demend.

  • Their streamlined form and robust construction provide the ideal answer for your storage requirements.

  • They offer not only many storage possibilities and are wonderfully attractive but also quite strong.

  • Comparing aluminum file cabinets to conventional wood or steel ones reveals several advantages. In comparison to their wood or metal counterparts, these cabinets are also more fire-resistant.

  • Packaging: Assemble packages using carton boxes as standard, or knock them down as necessary.

ProductMarine file cabinet
SurfacePowder coating
SANYON marine aluminum file or medicine storage cabinet
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