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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine ship captain chairs with stainless steel track
Marine captains chair with Deck Rails SYC-004
  • Choose from 1-3 meters in this captain’s chair with deck railings. It is mechanically movable.
  • The pedestal is made of stainless steel, which resists rusting in salt water. Adjustable features include the footrest, armrest, and backrest.
  • Numerous options for materials, colours, and upholstery. The marine captain’s chair is the finest option for your boat since it is cozy, strong, and simple to maintain.
  • Vessels that spend a lot of time on the water, such as fishing boats, it is a fantastic options. We provide the ability to create maritime captain chairs on demand.
  • A captain in charge of headlining the ship will require a different kind of chair than one in control of navigational tasks. This chair has a comfortable, relaxing design and is built of premium materials.

More Information

  • The marine captain chair is a piece of furniture intended for use aboard a ship. It generally has a high back and armrests and is built of good material. When a captain is on duty, they sit on the captain’s chair, which is usually found in the captain’s cabin.
  • The best captain chair for a boat is required for various reasons. It is entirely false for some individuals to believe that it is solely significant for aesthetic reasons.
  • Boat captains must have a comfortable seat to sit in a while guiding the boat. They will have the comfort and support they need to perform their duties effectively in a suitable captain’s chair.
  • Combining foam and steel, it is cool, breathable, and soft enough to make boating all day long a pleasurable experience. The seat is not only comfortable but also attractive.
  • It is quite simple to put up and take down the chair, which is built of durable materials. The leading manufacturer of boating gear and accessories is Sanyon. The chairs are robust and can survive prolonged exposure to the harsh conditions of the maritime environment.
  • The seat’s outstanding design and colour scheme contributed to the like of both its appearance and feel. When sitting on the chair offers the maximum level of comfort and relaxation.

We are a supplier for some notable furniture brands. Despite having worked with these companies for more than 15 years on OEM and ODM projects, we have reasonable quality control. We can offer furniture made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, HPL, and laminate, as well as a variety of marine furniture. Our machine can produce various pieces of furniture that may be made to order. SANYON has an excellent quality control system and cost management in several furniture fields thanks to our many years of experience working with international furniture companies. We are a manufacturer with strong cost management, enabling us to provide our customers with high-quality goods at reasonable prices.


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