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Marine bunk bed with Wooden drawers

Marine bunk bed with Wooden drawers

Lock: key lock;can choose other lock etc.

Standard configuration: lock/aluminium handle/drawer/ladder/guard bar.

Color: grey white;or can custom made your color.

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More Information

Marine bunk bed ,it is will be can use steel bed or aluminum bed ,then with a wooden drawers panels,so that the bunk bed have a better out look.

As one of marine furniture supplier, we custom making according customer different designs.

At the same time we also can design some furnitures for our customer if our customer can give us a idea what’s them want,what’s they need.

If marine interior company cooprate with us,we can making the marine furniture,ship furniture,vessel furniture become 3D drawing first,.At the same time we will check whether exactly same as the flat drawing before to production.