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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

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SANYON Marine Panel Bunk Bed Plywood with Laminate-2055 Width-SYB-013
  • Marine laminate plywood is a fantastic option for bunk beds because it is sturdy and simple to maintain .
  • It is also an excellent option for who those searching for a less expensive option than solid wood. It features plywood maritime standard configuration and IMO laminate.
  • You can choose a key lock or another type of lock . Lock, handle, drawer and ladder are the usual configurations .
  • SANYON made customize products following plans for ship furnishings.
  • It looks excellent and is simple to maintain , in addition to being highly durable . Laminate is a very flexible material that may be used in several ways on a boat.

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SANYON Marine Panel Bunk Bed Plywood with Laminate-2055 Width-SYB-013
SANYON wooden bunk bed with plywood and laminate suraface
SANYON wooden bunk bed with plywood and laminate suraface

Features for SYB-013 wooden bunk bed with laminate surface:

1.Material:It is high quality plywooden as base material and the surface finish is laminate in Formica brand.Some of panel is 25mm,and some is 18mm thick.Also,thickness can be made according client’s request from different project.

2.Color: different color can be made .white ,wood grain is no problem ,can be suitable for the ship room design style.

3.Packing :it is konck-down package with carton box .

  • The easiest method to conserve space on your yacht is with a laminated bunk bed backed by plywood.
  • The lamination increases the plywood ‘s durability and protects it from moisture.
  • For several reasons, the greatest option for a marine bunk bed is laminate with plywood. It is vital, attractive, and simple to clean. Furthermore , it is a very inexpensive choice.
  • In essence, the colours of the cabin room are satisfied by this wooden bed. First off , the surface is made of plywood and laminate. The structure of the bed is composed of welding of steel pipe together.
  • The bed frame is made of laminate and plywood . Wooden panels on either side of the bed that are one side taller than the end will act as a bed guard rail.
  • By using wood instead of just steel , the maritime bunk bed is becoming more contemporary. As a result, the bed better fits the cabin room.
Marine furniture
  • The customer may also select any Formica laminate colour instead of this one.For several reasons ,a steel tube bed foundation is a great option .It is lightweight and portable, durable.
  • They conserve space and may be utilized for storage and sleeping. Because it is sturdy , supports your mattress, and is simple to construct, a steel tube bed foundation is the ideal option for your bed.

Why our custom marine bunk bed will be need to use formica laminate?

Marine furnitures for ship,it is always will be need pass some marine standard certification when they using for ship .

Formica laminate passed these tests and always the ship owner trust it if use a formica laminate for the wooden marine furnitures .

Does the marine furniture plywood have a special request?

Yes. After all marine furnitures always on sea . Because the enviroment is humid , then we have to use a plywood which passed the marine certifycation. 

Marine furniture
Sepcifications of marine bunk bed:

1.Size:Not only standard W2055*D940*H1590mm but aslo custom size is fine.

2.Material: plywood and laminate surface.

3.With two drawers,lockable.

4.Packing: knocked down packing.


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