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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine furniture metal bunk bed for yacht
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for yacht
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for yacht
SANYON marine furniture manufacturer makes metal bunk bed with drawers
SANYON Marine Metal Bunk Bed-Double Drawer-W2080 Width-H1650 Height-SYB-016


  • It includes two drawers and a ladder. The surface of the bunk beds will then be powder coated; the color is optional.
  • The dimension is W2080*D980*H1650mm,or as per the client’s desire,is the bunk bed’s size.
  • The marine bunk bed thickness normally is 1.0mm for maritime furniture.
  • Marine furniture bunk metal bed is the perfect option if you’re seeking strong patio furniture,low maintenance and simple to clean.Because it is designed to resist extreme sea conditions,this furniture is ideal for boats.
  • It is also a fantistic option for who want to give their boat staff a comfortable sleeping bed.

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Metal marine bunk bed with double drawers in key lock

SANYON marine metal bunk bed for yacht
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for yacht


  • Material:this bunk bed is metal material.One is high quality galvanized steel and another one is aluminum.
  • The surface is a powder coating what can make the metal  colorful.
  • Normally the thickness is 1.2mm ,and can custom according to different project request.
  • About size usually W2080*D980*H1650mm ,and if possible can according to your need.

Specifications of triple bunk bed:

  • To start with, the metal triple bunk bed is built of high quality galvanized steel,which make the bed ant-rust.
  • Then, for thickness, marine bed general has a 1.0mm thickness. Besides, has a range of 0.7 to 2.5 mm. On the face of bed, high-quality powder will be applied after welding.
  • In addition to the standard dimensions of W2080*D980*H1650mm , we can also make other size according order request. 
  • We will provide a RAL colour sample that  you can pick whatever you like on it.
  • The bed have two different varieties. Aluminium is used in one and metal in the other. And the size can be adjusted that you need. We can provide the mattress for you.
  • Depending on where you are , the guardrail and ladder cab will be. 
  • The triple bed can accommodate  three people , allowing for the occupancy of a larger space.
SANYON marine furniture manufacturer makes metal bunk bed with drawers


  • For folks who want to sleep outside , there is  a type of bed called marine furniture bed . Another name for it is the garden bed . 
  • The materials use to construct this bed are weatherproof, so it may be left outside without worrying about being hurt. In the beginning, the bunk bed is compose of top-notch galvanized steel. 
  • Packaged in its unassembled form , it is available.
  • Ladder, Drawers and guardrail options are available .
  • Handles and key locks on the drawers. The ideal approach to sleeping well at night must look no further than a marine furniture bed if you want to sleep soundly.  It’s the perfect approach to have a good, restful night’s sleep because this bed is create especially for those who spend the night on their boats.
  • Purchase of a boat, maritime vessel, or ship. Aluminium and galvanized steel are both use in their construction. You can select any colour which you like from our RAL sample .  
  • A marine furniture bed is a fantastic way to add a unique and stylish touch to your house. Every room of the house, as well as outside, benefits from its effectiveness. Any climate may use the marine furniture bed because it is constructure of endure the elements.
  • Several types and sizes of aluminium beds are available to fit any boat , and they are simple to disassemble for transport or storage. 
  • Aluminium bed from marine furniture is an good option for anyone who looking for the most comfortable and design oriented bed. .
  • Any size requested by the client can be customized.
  • If you have a sketch, we can also create according to it.

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