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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Magazine rack for Marine
Magazine rack for Marine
Magazine rack for Marine
Magazine rack for Marine
Magazine rack for Marine
  • The steel or aluminium magazine rack is a form of storage rack made to hold magazines.
  • Magazine racks may be manufactured from a range of materials, including steel and aluminium, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. In the boat, magazines can be kept on magazine racks.
  • The purpose of this little magazine rack is to store magazines and books for the captain’s office or reading area.
  • It may be made to order in large or low sizes to provide more excellent storage.
  • The top is made of wood with rounded edges, while the body can be made of steel or aluminium. According to client requirements, the shelves will have several gaps.

More Information

  • Using our magazine rack, you can always read your magazines closely at hand. Magazine racks are necessary for the captain’s cabin on a yacht. They offer a location to organize books, periodicals, and other materials.
  • In addition, they should be placed neatly away and easily accessible. This rack’s versatility allows it to be used for more than just storing magazines; instead, it may hold a variety of goods. 
  • Due to the extraordinary durability of our rack, it frequently provides a lifetime of trouble-free use. Due to its inherent characteristics, the rack is almost impervious to rotting and resists bending, twisting, or splintering over time.
  • Furthermore, steel racks are inherently resistant to water and unintentional damage. The result is that it requires less frequent maintenance and has a longer expected usable life. 
  • This rack is delivered with an unoiled finish, which has a more organic appearance and is invariably more durable. We have a sizable selection of racks for you to keep your things in a water-resistant style that saves space on top.
  • We give you the greatest accessories for your ship, including our magazine rack. People still love magazine racks for a wide range of reasons. 
  • We provide a fantastic solution to arrange and store magazines that is simple to use and look beautiful in boats. Furthermore, magazine racks are readily available and reasonably priced.

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