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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket
SANYON Life Jacket Storage Locker,Marine Wooden Storage Locker For Life Jacket Storage,Double Door,SY-LFSL-101

1.The ship is sailing at sea with uncertain risks. In order to avoid being buried in the sea, lifeboats are usually prepared on board. Some of them can be worn on the body like clothing, and these life-saving and escape items are usually stored in life jacket locker.

2.SY-LFSL-101 Life jacket storage locker is designed with W1200*D600*H750mm,of course other dimensions can be customised as well.

3.Different material we can offer for marine furniture,the life jacket is made by plywood and laminate(HPL)surface.Top is 25mm thick and others is 18mm thick.As the color can be optional from Fromica color sample.

4.There is double swing door and with stainless steel handle.

5.Function:storing life-saving and escape items when ship is sailing at sea.


More Information

Marine Life Jacket Storage Lockers


Product NameMarine Life Jacket Storage Lockers
Material“marine grade”plywood
SurfaceThe Formica laminate and PVC edge banding
AccessoryKey lock,stainless steel handle
ColorWooden grain color from Formica color sample
SANYON Wooden marine storage locker for storing life jacket


  • The Marine wooden life jacket storage lockers are designed to meet marine conditions, ensuring they are anti-rust, durable, fireproof, and waterproof.
  • What material for SY-LFSL-101 life jacked storage locker is made by “marine grade”plywood,which is with IMO certificate for mairne standrads.But it is high cost than ordinary plywood without certificate.
  • As for the laminate surface,we have different options.One is Formica laminate,it is the most request for marine furniture.But it is no certificate.We can use Chinese brand laminate with certificate and another is Chinese brand laminate with certificate for IMO.
  • Life jacket storage locker is swing door,there is “bridge” stainless steel handle on door.
  • It is aluminum Ventilation at locker back panel.
plywood and laminate surface for marine furniture

Material-Plywood and laminate surface

  • For wooden material,marine furniture normally is use plywood in base and HPL surface finish.
  • Plywood with laminate is a classic material that has great quality, used in various applications.
  • The plywood core is strong and sturdy, normally the aluminum honeycomb surface is adapt laminate.
  • The thickness usually from 1.0~2.0mm.While the natural color gives it a very contemporary look.
  • You can select color from formice RAL sample.

Why the life storage cabinet use plywood and laminate surface?

  • Plywood: high strength and durability due to cross-laminated layers
  • HPL: scratch and impact resistance due to hard surface layer
  • Plywood: available in different grades and thicknesses for various applications
  • HPL: wide range of colors and patterns for decorative purposes
  • Plywood: can be used for curved surfaces due to flexibility
  • HPL: resistant to heat, stains, and chemicals
  • Plywood: environmentally friendly option if made from sustainably sourced wood
  • HPL: easy to clean and maintain
  • Plywood: can be finished with various coatings for enhanced protection
  • HPL: can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.



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