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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

custom marine bed
SANYON marine metal and laminate bunk bed with double drawers
SANYON Marine Furniture Metal and Laminate Combination Bunk Bed-2050mm Length-SYB-002
  • Consider purchasing the marine metal and panel combination bunk bed to maximize space in your house.This bunk bed may be used as a panel.
  • It feature has laminate surface,comprised of metal,steel tube and plywood woode.One large or two twin beds may be placed on the bunk bed.
  • The bunk bed is robust and simple to put together.It surface was finished by powder-coated and have a solid structure.
  • Its size is W2050*D860*H1735MM,and can be custom made as well.
  • White and grain color,or customize according to your like color from RAL color sample.
  • Packaging:it is disassemble package with a carton box for shipping.

More Information

SYB-002 Marine Custom metal and wooden combination bunk bed

custom marine bed

Sepcifications of marine bunk bed:

1.Material: mainly is galvanized steel,and drawer is with laminate panle.

2.Size:Not only standard W2050*D860*H1725mm but aslo custom size is fine.

3.Packaging:knock down with carton box package for shipping. 

4.Weight estimate:approximate between 110 to 150kg of each bunk bed.

Featuresfor SYB-002 metal and laminate bunk bed:

  • In order to meet the cabin room colors,this metal bed color it can be customized.Firstly,materials are steel and plywood.The steel tube was used by galvanized steel welding for the frame since it resist-corrosion without finished with powder coating.
  • The antirust metal and panel combination bunk bed are highly strong,can easily fit two people and is a wonderful way to conserve space.
  • This tube is more resistant to corrosion after being powder coated due to the importance of anti-rust in the maritime environment.
  • Due to its strength and stability, plywood is a fantastic material for drawer fronts and bed construction. Additionally, it is reasonably price.
  • Galvanized steel also makes up the bed board. Beds and drawer fronts, however, are compose of plywood laminate.
SANYON marine metal and laminate bunk bed with double drawers
  • Wooden panels positioned on each side of the bed, with one side higher than the other, will act as bed guard rails.
  • This marine bunk bed entire design showing a contemporary appearance,it more suitable for young people aesthetic.
  • These beds also typically have straight, clean lines, which can give them a more contemporary appearance. 
  • Compared to only using steel components, it provides the maritime bunk bed with a more modern appearance.
  • The customer may select any formica laminate color as an alternative to this colour.Therefore,the bed better fits the cabin room’s dimensions.
SANYON marine metal and laminate bunk bed with double drawers


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