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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Cruise ship furniture Leather veneer MDF headboard-09
  • Material is used in HPL, leather, cork, and wood.
  • Customized size: L3870*W1000*T80 mm and Color is Based on your design.
  • Uses in Hotels, apartments, and homes;
  • Headboards with leather veneer are an excellent choice for cruise ship furnishings. They lend a touch of elegance to any cabin and are stylish and sophisticated.
  • It would be best if you kept a few things in mind while selecting furnishings for your cruise ship stateroom.
  • Packaging is a typical carton box and assembled package.
  • Any vessel with one will seem sleek and stylish and profit significantly from having one. If you are the owner of a ship, you are aware of the significance of first impressions.

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  • Headboards made of leather veneer are a stylish and luxurious addition to any cruise ship bedroom. They elevate any space with a sense of style and refinement and are guarantee to win over even the pickiest visitors.
  • Cruise ships frequently utilize leather veneer headboards as a sort of furniture. A small amount of leather is attach to a piece of particle board or plywood to create this item. Finally, leather or cloth is used to upholster the headboard.
  • Any cruise ship cabin would benefit from a headboard made of leather veneer. In addition to being incredibly useful, they also provide a dash of flair and refinement.
  • Veneers made of leather are sturdily built to endure cruising demands and are simple to maintain and clean.
  • The leather veneer headboard’s primary function aboard ships is to offer a supportive and long-lasting sleeping surface.
  • The headboard is also employed to shield the ship’s hull from harm brought on by motion. Typically, a leather veneer is used to create the headboard on boats.
  • They were initially intended for use aboard ships, leather veneer headboards. The headboards shielded the ship’s crew from the harsh sea environment. Due to its strength and ability to survive the weather, leather was used to make the headboards.
  • To change the look of an object, a thin coating of material called a veneer is put on its surface. As well as being used often on furniture, leather veneers are also seen aboard ships. A headboard style that may be found on some boats is one with leather veneer.


About us:

The SANYON Company manufactures maritime furniture of a higher caliber and at a lesser price so that our clients may surpass their competitors. We can provide a variety of marine furniture goods for many different countries. The Leather veneer headboard would be helpful for any yacht. They offer a nice spot to store your belongings on the lake and are easy to put up. With a factory making metal and hardwood furniture, SANYON is adept at keeping costs and standards in check. We can also offer a sourcing service if our customers need it.

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