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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Cruise ship furniture fireproof board headboard-05
  • It is made up of Wood, cork, leather, and HPL.
  • Customized size: L3870*W1000*T80 mm.
  • Colour is based on your design.
  • Uses in Hotels, apartments, and homes.
  • Packaging is a typical carton box and assembled package.
  • A fireproof board headboard is an excellent and cost-effective option for individuals who desire additional fire safety on their yacht.
  • The most typical material for this kind of headboard is fiberboard. However, it may be built of other things as well.
  • Fiberboard is a product created from wood fiber that has been chemically treated to be fire resistant. It is constructed to resist extreme temperatures and is composed of fire-resistant material.

More Information

  • A headboard fashioned from a fireproof substance is called a fireproof board headboard. A fireproof board headboard is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a headboard that can survive a fire.
  • These headboards are built of a fire-resistant substance, making them difficult to ignite. Headboards made of fireproof board are essential for home safety.
  • In the case of a fire, they can assist in averting major injuries by adding a layer of fire protection. Although there are many other types of fireproof board headboards, the most popular one is composed of a fireproof panel.
  • To save your family from fire hazards, you need a headboard made of fireproof board. A headboard made of fireproof board will prevent your family from being exposed to the heat and flames of a fire. If you have children, you know your top responsibility is always to ensure their safety.
  • The head of a bed can be protected against fire by using a fireproof board headboard composed of fire-resistant material.
  • One of the most crucial components of a bed is the headboard, which supports the pillows and acts as a pleasant surface against which to relax.
  • The main ingredient of the fireproof board is a type of board comprised of elements like Wood, cork, and leather.
  •  It is an appropriate fireproof material because it is high temperature, fireproof, sound and heat insulating, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and wear resistant.
  • A fireproof board can shield your headboard and the rest of your bedroom against fire damage.

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