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Manufacturing Since 2007 A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

Manufacturing Since 2007
A IMO/MED Marine furniture Supplier

SANYON marine metal bunk bed with double drawers
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for ship
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for ship
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for ship
SANYON Curise Furniture Aluminum Double Bunk Bed with 2 Drawer-2050 Length-SYB-018
  • Because we select are high-quality metal steel material.One is galvanized steel, another one is aluminium.Both of them are anti-rust and stronger.
  • The thickness of material,normally we used in 1.0mm for galvanized steel panel.And aluminum panel is 1.2mm.Of course,thickness can be custom made as well.
  • The bunk bed outside surface is used by powder coating in order to make the bed outside more stronger and beautiful.
  • The dimension of the bunk bed is W2080* D880* H1490mm,which is also can customized according to customers request.

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SYB-018 double bunk bed with drawers

SANYON marine metal bunk bed for ship
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for ship


  • Material:be made of high quality metal,one is galvanized steel and another one is aluminum.Both of them is antirust,it suitable for cruis ship and boat furniture.
  • The bunk bed’s surface is finished with powder coating,which might be multicolored.
  • Size:This bunk bed dimension is W2080* D880* H1490mm, which is also customizable.
  • Package:With a carton box, the packaging is knock-down.


  • The bunk bed have two drawers and one ladderThere are two key locks on the double drawers. 
  • At the same time, we may produce several types of cruise furniture based on client requests. Galvanized steel is one option, while aluminium is another. Both of them are available upon request from the customer.
  • It is a RAL color sample and can made into any design. Alternatively, email us a sample of a color. Ladder placement might be either left or right.
  • Additionally, the drawer may include a primary lock or a numerical lock. We can manufacture any size upon request. In actuality, this size was request by the customer. Said we can create any size or structure upon request.
bunk bed
SANYON marine metal bunk bed for ship

More size details for SYB-018 cruise aluminum bunk bed:

  • In fact,this bunk bed dimension is according to our customer’s request.If you need customized size,please to contact me.
  • In a word we can make any size,structure according your request.
  • Because speed is crucial for cruising,there will be a more critical requirement for weapon space.The greatest option for cruise furniture is then aluminium furniture.
  • Aluminium is lightweight, anti-rust, and has a sturdy structure. Therefore, it is excellent for creating cruise-related furniture.
  • Of course,aluminum material as marine furniture is an excellent choice for a cruise ship or yacht if they need to be lightweight.
  • Becase the material we used is high-quality aluminum,the weight is light and anti-rust.

  • The outside surface is finished by powder coating,in order to make the bunk bed more beautiful and stronger.

Aluminum stainless steel panel

SANYON marine aluminum writing table for ship cabin working furniture

Color sample

RAL color sample

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Why warship will be need aluminum marine bed?

Because speed is very important for cruise,and will be need more space for weapons.Then the aluminum furnitures are best choice for cruise furnitures.

The aluminum has a strong structure,and light weight,anti rust.So It is very good for making a furniture for cruise.

Of course,if a cruise ship,or yacht need light weight,aluminum alloy marine furnitures also a good choose.

What furniture SANYON can offer it?

For more information about our furniture, please get in touch with us. In reality, we can provide our customers with a wide variety of custom-designed furniture. As you are aware, all maritime field furnishings are made to order. You may send us designs or ideas, and we will propose them for you as fine. SANYON has its production facility and design team. We have a complete established of furniture-making equipment, including laser cutting, a powder coating line, CNC cutting, and CNC folding. This cruise bunk bed will stand out in any space thanks to its sleek, modern design and sturdy construction. A good customer relationship is built on open communication, honesty, and trust.

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