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Boat wardrobe and life jacket top SYW-002

Boat wardrobe and life jacket top SYW-002

SANYON as a professional boat furniture manufacture can custom making boat furnitures for our customer’s designs.

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Boat wardrobe with life jacket top is a popular design for boat furnitures

This wardrobe have two single doors for two persons using.

The main function of the wardrobe on board is to store clothes, hats, shoes, etc.

In addition, the marine wardrobe should also store life jackets。Our boat wardrobe design for life jacket easy pick up when seaman need them.

The wardrobe also has the option of installing a mirror and towel bar on the back of the door.

Marine wardrobes can are divided into single-door, double-door and three-door wardrobes etc according cabin persons need.

Details of boat wardrobe:

Size: custom size.

Doors: custom quantity