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Aluminum Marine Wardrobe

Aluminum Marine Wardrobe

  • For your boat or yacht, aluminum maritime wardrobes are the ideal option. They have a sturdy, cleanable design and a sleek, contemporary appearance that will go with any decor.
  • Because they are moisture-resistant and won’t warp or mildew, aluminum wardrobes are a fantastic option for storage.
  • It looks nice, is strong, and requires little maintenance. People who are allergic to wood or other materials might also choose it.
  • You can choose a key lock or a digital lock, an electronic lock, etc. It may be produced in your preferred color or grey and white.
  • The standard configurations are the lock, aluminum handle, hanging rob, and shelf.

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  • They look good, last a long time, and need little upkeep. Additionally, aluminum maritime wardrobes are highly adaptable and suitable for a range of situations, from formal to informal.
  • It resists corrosion while being sturdy and light. Cleaning and maintaining it are very simple. Aluminum Marine Wardrobe may also be tailored in a wide range of hues and designs to suit any client’s preference for décor.
  • While out on the water, they look beautiful and provide excellent protection for your clothing. They may be cleaned with a moist cloth if they become soiled and are very simple to maintain.
  • Because it is both highly attractive and relatively economical, this sea wardrobe is a fantastic option for many individuals. For those with little resources, it is a fantastic option.
  • While lightweight and simple to handle, it is sturdy and long-lasting. Cleaning and maintaining it are very simple.
  • It is constructed from a high-grade aluminum board and has a powder-coated surface finish.
  • Before coating, the aluminum board has a thickness of roughly 1.5mm; alternatively, you can pick between 1.0 and 2.0mm.
  • W400*D600*H1800mm is its typical size. However, it may be customized to meet your needs.
  • Packaging: Assemble packages using carton boxes as standard, or knock them down as necessary.
  • A hanging rail and three storage shelves are on either side of this two-door metal wardrobe. If necessary, you may even add a top for a jacket and a mirror inside the door.
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email at or add our WhatsApp if you’d like more information about our marine furniture.

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